HEMI @ ESNS 2022 – FRI 21 Jan | Conference Channel 4 | 13:30 – 14:30

Panel-Discussion: From the Baltic to the Balkans – United Toward a Balanced and Competitive European Music Sector.

Various differences must be taken into account when adopting development strategies from matured music markets to the music region of Eastern Europe. 

To start from a demographic point of view, the audience is significantly smaller and younger, has a lower income and is less adapted to new technologies. On the other hand, local labels and publishers do not see many business opportunities to invest in local music. Music scenes consist of freelancers and micro-enterprises that remain self-managed and try to survive with various economic activities, which are oftentimes not related to music services, and the lack of structures makes it difficult to measure the statistics of the music sector’s impact with the help of which it could play a more significant role in the eyes of policy-makers. 

As an answer to the challenge to establish a sustainable, diverse and competitive European music sector as a whole and also to answer the challenges and opportunities for the development of the regional music markets, HEMI – The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation has emerged with a clear purpose: to benchmark Central, Eastern and Southeastern European music professionals through innovative transversal and holistic approaches.


PETER BAROS |Slovenian Music Information Centre

AVE TÖLPT | Music Estonia

MÁRTON NÁRAY | Arts Theatre Institute – SoundCzech



CHRIS ECKMAN Glitterbeat Records


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