HEMI goes to MENT Ljubljana 2022!

MENT returns to its traditional three-day format with an international conference, which regularly attracts hundreds of professionals from all over Europe and HEMI partners are joining panel-discussions and networking meetings.

We will talk about the music industry recovery after the pandemic, we will map the Showcase Festivals in the Western Balkans and we will meet the International Festivals. 

More specific:

What Have We Learnt from the COVID-19 Pandemic?  

Wednesday 8 June at 17.30

The music sector was the first to close its doors during the Covid-19 pandemic and will be among the last to recover from the consequences. During this uncertain period, several civic initiatives in Slovenia came together and addressed requests to the decision-makers to rescue and recover the sector. How did the music sector react and what was the response of decision-makers to the joint demands of the sector? Will civic initiatives continue their effort and work together to address a number of issues and problems that have plagued the music sector since before? How will they react when faced with similar situations in the future?

Moderator: Peter Baroš (SIGIC, SI)


Andrej Sevšek (#MiDelamoDogodke, Punk Rock Holiday, SI),

Mitja Prezelj (GIZ KOS, NOMAD, SI)

Tinkara Kovač (glasbenica, Sindikat glasbenikov Slovenije, SI)

Pavla Jarc (Mreža Kulturnih domov KUDUS, Kulturni dom Nova Gorica, SI)

The debate will be held in Slovene. 


Mapping Showcase Festivals in the Western Balkans 

Thursday 9 June at 14:00 EET

In the last few years, many new showcase festivals and music conferences have appeared in the former Yugoslav countries – from Sarajevo and Belgrade to Pristina and Skopje. Consequently, we want to check first hand what their missions are, what they have in focus, who is their target audience, what are their specifics and differences, and also which one best suits your band or project. 


Lucija Ivšić (Cereal Booking, AU/HR)


Login Kochishki (Password Productions, PIN conference, MK) 

Vaštag Vendel (INDIREKT showcase Belgrade, RS)

Mersel Bujak (Bam C, BA)

Kushtrim Dushi (Prishtina Music Conference, KO)

Jovana Coka Stanković (Kontakt Konferencija, RS)


Speed networking – Meet the International Festivals

Friday 10 June at 12:00 EET

MENT offers you a great opportunity to meet and present your work to some of the most renowned European music festivals – from Spain to the Netherlands, from Poland to the Balkans. Do not miss your chance and make some new useful contacts.


Andrea “Kudd” Cussotto & Diego Indovino (Jazz:Re:found Festival, IT) 

Ante Piacun & Sara Ercegović (Tam Tam Festival, HR)

Dino Grgurić (Velvet Festival, HR)

Jesus Guisado (Monkey Week (ES) 

Marian Tesak (Flaam Festival, SK) 

Michał Wójcik (Tak Brzmi Miasto, PL) 

Nikola Nikolov (Wrong Festival, BG) 

Ognen Stojanoski (PIN Conference / Taksirat / D Fest, MK)

Oskar Štrajn (ESNS, NL)

Tatiana Lehocka (Sharpe Festival, SK) 

Vladimir Vodalov (Exit Festival, RS) 

Closed session. Pre-registration is needed to participate.