The ReConnect conference returns to Brno!

Next week, the ReConnect conference returns to Brno’s Fléda, bringing together music managers, booking agents and club representatives for three days. The event, financially supported by the city of Brno and HEMI, will offer discussion panels, workshops, as well as the opportunity to share know-how with music professionals from abroad. 

In-between the diverse actions, HEMI Incubator Sessions will take place, initiating discussions and providing tips on music promotion and sustainable practices to participants of the HEMI network.

The main part of the conference will take place on Friday 30 September at Fléda. This time SoundCzech has invited many music professionals from abroad to the conference. For example, they will present the European club scene on a panel. A large number of foreign guests will also take part in speedmeetings. On the other hand, one of the topics will be the status of the artist and the National Recovery Plan program. The detailed themes in focus follow:

  • 1000Cams – When your fans could be your video makers
  • Trick the ear – New approaches to augmenting music both in virtual and physical spaces
  • Futurobi – How to make healthy music environment

Workshops on TikTok or for emerging artists

Friday’s program will  offer workshops, such as how to use TikTok to promote your own music project, led by Miloš Blaháček from Digiton Agency. 

“But there will be more on the programme, we will also have an interactive workshop for aspiring managers and bands. We will discuss when it makes sense to start going abroad, but also how to actually define the amount of your fee,” explains Radek Pavlovič on behalf of SoundCzech. “The full programme can be found at,” adds Pavlovič.

Club night part of the conference

The first ever club night in Brno called Batch will be part of the ReConnect conference. The unique project will connect thirteen Brno clubs for two days, with more than 60 concerts by Czech and international artists. Details can be found at 

The ReConnect conference is jointly organised by the SoundCzech music agency, the Music Managers Forum Czech Republic and BACH (Brno Association of Club Music). The event is financially supported by the City of Brno and the HEMI Project.



  1. 9 – 1. 10. 2022

Fléda – BRNO, CZ