Spatial audio is an audio experience intended to heighten immersion by simulating a multichannel sound setup around, below, and above the listener.

We intend to launch a space where national and international artists can work on sonic compositions in the three dimensions, without being limited by stereo audio formats. A sustainable 14.3 setup will be constructed using recycled plywood by our loudspeaker design specialists. Using ambisonics as the main format, we will also develop an application where artists, composers, and sound artists will be able to place their sounds in a particular location in space by the touch of a button, making the system easy to use.

A system made by artists for artists. In addition to the 3d audio sound system, a geodesic dome will be implemented (kindly provided by Lesvos Solidarity organization) with the intention for the sound system to be able to have a modular function, that could be transported and set up in outdoor events, festivals, and other venues.

Other activities will include, artistic residencies, hire of the venue and system, and monthly immersive audio performances.

Representative: Jeph Vanger