Belarus Music Export (PL)

Belarus Music Export (BMEx) is an independent initiative created to showcase Belarusian independent contemporary music abroad and to support the community of Belarusian music professionals.  The aim of BMEx is to become a key catalyst for the development and promotion of Belarusian music on the global stage.  We believe that music is a universal language worthy of protection. It remains a powerful tool of soft power and an integral part of cultural diplomacy in unstable times of wars and revolutions.

Belarus Music Export (BMEx) includes:

  • organization, which represents Belarusian music professionals abroad (in progress);
  • professional community platform for communication and professional development located in Telegram channel (@by_music_export);
  • Belarus Outside Sound System – a charity touring musical movement, showcase & music label.

Representatives: Aliaksandr Bahdanau (artistic director) & Sara Tokina (producer)