Spatial audio became a rapidly evolving industry where art, science, and business converge. The amount of available content and companies that have moved to location-based sound formats for music and audio it’s staggering today.

During the 15 months, we have been testing many of the bleeding edge technologies available in the market to work with resident artists/researchers to develop custom content and software applications for our 22.1 loudspeaker studio in order to merge them into headphones & binaural format.
The binaural versions are the core of our application, Further Spatial it’s a way to plan our where-to-go-next kind of project. Our concept of sound consumption in solitude it’s focusing on the format and not on the aesthetics or music genre. The immersiveness of the medium allows us to work with all the fields we are interested in; sound art, music and sound therapies, expanded storytelling, video games, VR, et al., in order to create unforgettable immersive audio experiences.

Representative: Mauricio Valdés San Emeterio