The idea is to create a virtual band with a multiplatform presence aimed to spread environment and health consciousness amongst children and families with kids. Basically making the virtual “Greta Thunberg”, being a cute robot from the future, adding a few alien band members, and putting them on stage.

We originally make computer games and developed a unique software-hardware system that allows a human operator to control 3D virtual characters in real-time.

We have tested the system with multiple audiences and found kids were especially receptive to it. Then we soon came up with the idea of using this tool for edutainment purposes and chose the single most important one there is today: teaching kids how to be more health and environment conscious. We created a background story starring FUTUROBI, a small robot from the future coming here to help kids save planet Earth, and dreamed of a multiplatform kids brand around it, with a strong online presence, while going on tour with the virtual band.


Representative: Istvan Endresz