Fuzzy Hound (GR)

Fuzzy Hound is a complete music initiative, created by musicians for musicians! Inside the vast music industry, the Fuzzy Hound tries to augment the reachability of each musician by posting reviews, interviews and announcements of upcoming events. Within the Fuzzy Hound umbrella, we can find the Blog – website for written content, the Vlog in YouTube where video interviews and content can be found and the Spotify and Mixcloud Accounts for podcast – radio show content. Content is bilingual (English and Greek) and the so far collaborations are worldwide.

Fuzzy Hound aims to provide services of tip top quality, with the target to help each musician and each band achieve their goals and the reachability they require. 

Future plans also contain the creation of an iOS and Android application for more ease of use of the content and the creation of a fashion statement equipment (e.g. t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers), with the target to make the Fuzzy Hound Logo as much recognizable as we can.


Representative: Dimitris Polyzois