Genius Jazz Radio (GR)

Genius Jazz Radio stands out as a web radio with a unique twist. The radio plays jazz music generated by AI. This isn’t aiming to replace human musicians with AI-generated music. Quite the opposite, our aim is to provide musicians and music students with a unique practice tool.

This innovative approach is powered by the Genius Jamtracks algorithms, a project led by three jazz musicians, developers, and music educators. Born from a passion for AI in music technology and a commitment to advancing musical education, Genius Jamtracks has already earned much appreciation from thousands of users. 

Our algorithms are carefully designed to help musicians develop their skills in jazz music and improvisation. With a focus on rhythmic and harmonic jazz vocabulary, including a wide range of polyrhythmic content, our software offers a simple yet powerful way to prepare for live performances. 

Genius Jazz Radio will be playing over two thousand jazz songs, each in five different levels of harmonic and rhythmic complexity, across 27 music styles. Endless possibilities for productive practice sessions, gearing up for the bandstand.

Representative: Antonis Tsikandilakis