Tijana Ristic

Half is the beating heart of Belgrade’s electronic music scene, which aims to implement a new and revolutionary concept in Belgrade’s nightlife. Our mission is to revive clubbing in Serbia, but in a new and healthier way. We want to spread our field of scope to organizations and industries which aren’t mainly connected to music, such as tourism, ecology, arts and crafts, as well as inclusion of national minorities, so this project will indirectly influence the rest of the population which are not direct consumers of this subculture. So we could build together a real community of music lovers, not just consumers.

This project will provide: organizing a traveling circus across various beautiful locations in Serbia, introducing followers to the localities and specific food of each area, recording all events + documenting the project’s creation for a documentary that will be released as a film years later, showing how it all started, introducing various topics through short Instagram stories, engaging the local population, changing the approach and view towards previous party consumption habits, networking and involving endangered minorities and people with disabilities in the project, panels and discussions, social media podcast on current topics that change viewer’s perspectives with interesting guests, implementing ecological actions at the locations and incorporating medicine to provide a professional perspective and briefly explain the current problems facing this target group and how to prevent them.

Representative: Tijana Ristic