HarmonyX (RS)

We address the need for personal stress reduction and relaxation, by proposing a software application helping people to lower stress levels by listening to high quality, immersive audio content – 3D audio soundscapes. Backed-up by scientific experiments proving the benefits of immersive audio to physical/mental relaxation, we designed a concept of personalized and configurable 3D audio sessions provided via a mobile device. This concept will be implemented in our application HarmonyX.

The main feature of HarmonyX is a library of high quality 3D audio content of a different nature: vocalized instructions for deep muscular relaxation, audio recordings of relaxing natural soundscapes (forest, beach, urban noise…) and relaxing music. In addition to available content ready to be listened to directly, a user will have an opportunity to create her own content using a very simple and intuitive graphical interface and audio sequences available in the application or uploaded by the user herself. This will be achieved with the proprietary 3D audio technology – example.

The second key feature of HarmonyX is providing personal 3D memories to users for maximizing the individual effect of stress reduction. User is able to upload their own audio or a video memory, or a favourite song, and have it turned into 3D audio with the possibility of adding more content to it.

As the third key feature, we provide a possibility to further individualize the immersive audio sessions based on the biofeedback received by a user – the simplest solution is based on manually entered pulse, sleep patterns, daily activities – more advanced is based on biometric data obtained from sensors of personal wearables, like heartbeat rate, temperature or skin’s electrical conductivity provided at different stress levels and relaxed conditions as well as monitored during the immersive audio session.

Personalization and customization is achieved with proprietary AI technology.

Representative: Nikola Nešić