360 audio creative agency that offers consulting and sound services such as: composing, sync & licensing, strategy planning, pre and post-producing to marketing agencies on an interim model. There are large international music marketing agencies that rarely use the work of Polish artists. Agencies don’t hire sound specialists because of the high cost of hiring and because they don’t know how to convince a client to invest in a consistent sound identity.

I believe that by arranging Polish artists we will bring a new quality to the music used in marketing and we will be price-competitive for expensive licenses from international artists. Being closer to the tastes of the audience in our region, we will produce better resonating content. It will also be a real opportunity for artists to benefit financially from their artistic work. Composers, sound engineers, and audio licensing specialists mostly work freelance in Poland. I want to concentrate talent in one place, understanding brand strategy, client and agency needs, and offering solutions that are both financially attractive and, above all, effective.

Representative: Hubert Pyrgies