Magic of Songwriting App (PL)

The Magic of Songwriting Deck of Cards was designed to assist musicians in improving their songwriting abilities. It comprises 78 cards filled with practical songwriting tips, insights, and song examples, primarily drawn from contemporary Pop, Hip Hop music, and various hits spanning from the 1960s to the present. 

These cards are intended for use both in the artist’s creative process and/or practice.

The cards were primarily created with the intent to:

  • Facilitate music education: The tips shared are highly universal and easy to understand, having already been tested with clients. Additionally, they can replace the need for musicians to constantly attend songwriting workshops, which often come at an inaccessible price.
  • Teach self-expression: Many musicians encounter creative block. The Magic of Songwriting cards teach individuals how to access their inner creative selves and express their feelings with confidence.
  • Boost confidence among artists: Any artist who knows how to compose a song that sounds good to their ears will immediately experience a significant rise in confidence levels and shifts their mindset to a more positive one.

 The aim is to transform the Magic of Songwriting Deck of Cards into software.

Representative: Hugo Maya