Our aim is to enhance the nightlife experience with music at the heart of our process. We strive for Mood to become part of our everyday life as the No1 nightlife application, which people turn to each time they want to go out.

Through our mobile app, we provide users with a personalized organization of nightlife choices including real-time information such as where their peers are currently partying and what kind of music is playing in each venue at the moment.
Our innovative technology consists of a fully automated system, which requires no human input and collects real-time music data from music venues registered on our platform.

On the users’ side, Mood’s personalized recommendation algorithm, accurately recognizes what kind of music each user wants to listen to and optimally matches them with the right music venue. Mood functions as an innovative advertising platform for clubs, bars, and nightlife-related brands, enabling them to reach targeted audiences at just the right time.


Representative: Dimitris Komninos