Leon Shumanski

Naked Mountain Collective is a project that began in 2021 with a vision to bring together the new-wave scene in North Macedonia and provide young musicians with opportunities to exchange knowledge and support each other. Our vision is to address the issues of consistency and professionalism in the music industry in North Macedonia, as well as the regional and international placement of the music.
We have created a unique platform that combines education, collaboration, and entrepreneurship to help young artists thrive in the music industry. Our innovative approach to music collective has not been seen before in North Macedonia or anywhere else. We believe that education and knowledge sharing are key to success in the music industry, and we have built our collective around this principle. By providing our members with access to industry tools and resources, we are empowering them to create, produce and distribute their music on their terms. We have also created a community where artists can learn from one another and grow together, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.

Representative: Leon Shumanski