One guitar band (GR)

In its current form, one guitar band is a stand-alone software application for acoustic or classic guitar. The system is built upon the logic of a guitar looper pedal, however it is equipped with novel functionalities that may significantly expand the range of sounds that can be created and arranged inside the loop. The three novel functionalities of one guitar band are the following;

  1. Drum production: By tapping the guitar body on different locations, the user can trigger specific drum sounds –  such as kick, snare and cymbals – to produce a basic rhythmic layer.
  2. Bass production:  A sequence of notes played on the first two strings of the guitar can be transformed into a bass line.
  3. Modulation: the user can perform percussive or sustained gestures to manipulate one or more pre-recorded sound layers so as to produce additional musical elements of unique sonic character.

The ability to easily create a drum-and-bass accompaniment makes one guitar band ideal for guitar players who want to deliver a more complete sound to their audience in a live performance.  However, one guitar band becomes also useful in the most productive phases of music creation, by helping the user to quickly discover and test new ideas when orchestrating, composing or producing music.

One guitar band youtube channel:

Representative: Nikolaos Stefanakis