Krzysztof Szumański

Opera For Kids is an educational project directed for young audiences 6 – 13 years old.  The Operas taken to produce were “Die Zauberflote”, “Siegfried”, “Jaś i Małgosia” and Straszny Dwór”.
The National Theatre in Warsaw, National Opera House agreed to produce “Jaś i Małgosia” by E. Humperdinck (Hansel und Gretel). The premier is already put in the repertoire of the National Opera (premiere in April 2024). I would like to educate young audiences through the opera to create a new generation of audience. One show will be directed to 500 kids, families. 10 shows are going to bring 5000 kids to the Opera House. Production has an impresariat approach which means to show the opera in many places in Poland. The opera will be performed in Polish, but there are plans to perform it in different countries in their native languages. There are already countries interested in the production to show it in their countries (Sweden and Serbia).

Representative: Krzysztof Szumański