PolVinyl is a modern vinyl records factory. We combine traditional vinyl pressing with modern blockchain technologies.
Our factory is a venture that, thanks to tokens, will be partially owned by artists and publishers (especially independent ones), music fans and collectors.
The tokens will give you the opportunity to participate in building a development strategy. PolVinyl is a project of five enthusiasts. Each of the founders is good at something else. Together, we combine business, technology, music, production, love for music and vinyl into one working organism.

Our production team consists of experienced professionals with many years of experience in the vinyl record industry. What distinguishes us is “NFT pressing”, thanks to modern technological facilities, we offer NFT minting and provide a marketplace. At the moment, we use external markets, but we work on our own Web3 solutions.

We really care about spreading music education among the youngest.

Representative: Tomasz Olszewski