An AI-driven contract feedback platform to help artists make better deals for their careers.

Artists need to deal with a lot of contracts, lawyers cost 150€-600€/hour for review, with review time and review completion date unknown. Such situations have far too often ended up with artists signing highly unfavorable contracts due to high costs related to review, leaving them with agreements that inhibit growth of their career.

The solution is an AI-based contract review platform for the music industry, helping artists dodge bad label agreements and develop their careers without limits by making better deals. Redline is an online application/platform where users can sign up, upload the agreements they are seeking feedback for, get feedback on the contents of these agreements and also edit the agreement to provide suggestions to the other party.

By using this platform, the customers are able to get feedback in a matter of minutes at a transparent cost, coupled with enriched information that provides background information to any highlights or problematic areas.

The need for such a service for musicians and their support structure (a manager, for example) is to reduce costs, risks, and time required to negotiate critical deals that artists come across regularly as licensing their work in one form or another is one of the fundamental aspects of having a successful artist career.

Representative: Kristjan Heinmets