Setlistory is a web and mobile application designed to create setlists for gigs. Made by musicians for musicians, its modern look and user-friendly layout make it extremely simple and intuitive to use. Create an account, log in, input all your songs with information such as length, bpm, time signature and then start building your first setlist. Once it’s saved, you can edit or duplicate it for the next gig, download a PDF file for printing and stage use, send it to your band members, export it to multiple formats (Excel, SAZAS forms,…), view your setlist history and much more.

There are many features available, such as full setlist length, comments you have for your roadies, sound and lighting engineers, a venue search engine, and notifications.

The main goal was to remove the gigging musician’s setlist worries, replace the pen and paper approach, or edit files by hand with a modern solution. Every gigging musician can benefit from its use, so we invite you to simplify your setlists!

Representative: Aleš Svetina