Suburbia X is more than Spotify’s Discover Weekly, acting like Tinder for the industry. Our integrated solution will act like a liaison between emergent/independent artists – booking managers – venues: a friendly but neutral interface providing time-saving and safer solutions for booking gigs across Europe. It will become a fundamental pillar for artist/venues discovery and touring especially, with a stronger focus on DJs.

But most important, this online tool will offer the review option – so that trust can be established from the beginning between all parts involved.
Why the Suburbia X name. X marks the meeting point of two worlds that should collide in order for both to gain benefits. Worlds that are not enemies, but partners.

Suburbia is a Community, the one that’s not on the front page of music news (yet), but which is connected and supportive to each other. It’s that fraternal spirit that creates a strong bond.

Representative: Adina Popescu