Under The SHE Records (GR)

UnderTheShe Records is a female empowerment-focused startup record label based in Athens, Greece, dedicated to supporting and promoting female artists, songwriters, and music producers in the music industry. Our mission is to empower women in music, by creating a safe space for them to work in, by providing them with opportunities to boost their careers, and by ensuring that they feel included and represented in the music industry.

We envision a music industry where gender equality is the norm, where women have an equal opportunity to succeed and are celebrated for their artistic talents. We aim to create a supportive ecosystem that fosters female artists’ growth and success. The goal is to challenge gender standards in the music industry and free the artists of the need to fit into certain boxes. We want the artist to have full control of her music content and her image, while being free to express her values without having to deal with social prejudice. At the same time, we are creating opportunities for female songwriters, producers, and engineers to collaborate with each other and bring their art into the world.

Website: https://undertheshe.com/

Representative: Maria Tiaka