Yugo Bleja is an audience development initiative intended to strategically promote original music from music creators of the ex-Yu region (SRB,BiH,CRO,SLO,MKD,MNE) in order to attract proactive listeners to artists’ streaming channels and raise their play rates on popular streaming platforms, so that they can purposefully exploit their digital distribution channels. Above that, we want to use the power of cross-promotion on digital channels in order to enhance regional artists’ visibility to diverse audiences, motivating them to explore new music and find further ways how they can support their favorite music creators.

Our vision is to create a universe where these artists can begin their mainstream careers journey by being jointly presented to youth audiences and media/music industry representatives of the ex-Yu region. Our mission is to nourish music community spirit in order to enhance audience exchange and overall growth of audiences for original music from the region.

Representative: Sonja Denda