Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut (“I Went To The Mountains and I Liked It”) is a Romanian Post-Rock band from Bucharest, founded as a joke at the start of 2016 by Vlad Enescu, who recorded a mock Post-Rock EP and released it on Bandcamp. 

A few months after, in July 2016, the line up was completed by Matei Pușcaru and Andrei Stere Câmpean, on bass and on drums, who had been playing together for years in other bands, with Mircea Becherescu taking over the heavy bits on the guitar, with Vlad usually going for the melodic and intense lead parts. 

The band has released 2 albums, “S-a Rezolvat. Nu Se Poate” in 2017 and “La Deal” in 2018, followed by a European Tour and performance at Dunk!Festival in Belgium in 2019. Over the years, AFLMSMP has shared the stage with bands like God Is An Astronaut, Tides From Nebula, The Ocean, Leprous, Tesseract, and Katatonia.