Astrid Ana Kljun / Astrid- is a Slovenian singer, songwriter, electronic harpist, studio musician and performer, music video directress and producer. As a visual artist she is involved mainly in collage and recycled art.

In 2019 she mastered classical singing at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, where she also studied classical harp. She started her first music project called Astrid in Avantgarden in 2017 and released three singles, Coconut, Sing to me and Črno pero. In 2020 she met Tomaž Zupančič who later became her producer. They released their first single Stanovanje in 2022, followed by Hey, Julie, DEVOJKE. Astrid directed and produced music video for DEVOJKE, as well as designing the scenography and costumes.

They released Kostarika in 2023 and were invited to play at the MENT Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They formed a musical group Astrid-, inviting guitarist Luka Flegar and drummer David Nik Lipovac and they have since performed at MENT, Floating Castle and Waves Vienna festivals, as well as many other concert venues. In December they released their first single as a group called Dry Out and predicted the upcoming release of their debut album 18:48 in the spring of 2024.

Astrid- released her debut EP Triptich in July 2023, produced and mixed by Tomaž Zupančič and mastered by John Webber (David Bowie, Blackstar). She also produced and directed a music video for Kostarika, as well as designing scenography and props.