Bedless Bones (EE)

Bedless Bones, also known as Kadri Sammel, is an Estonian artist with a diverse background in choirs, cultural theory, audiovisual media, and photography. Her solo project, Bedless Bones, explores various noir genres, blending darkwave, murky EBM & techno beats, industrial sounds, and abstract otherworldly atmospheres reminiscent of IDM. Despite debuting in 2019 and facing challenges due to Covid restrictions, Bedless Bones has performed at notable festivals and shared the stage with prominent acts.

Kadri’s debut album, “Sublime Malaise,” was released in 2019, followed by a remix album in 2020 and the sophomore album “Bending The Iron Bough” in 2021. She is also a member of the avantgarde deathbeat/outdustrial band Forgotten Sunrise and the vocalist for the UK/Estonian dystopian industrial band Deathsomnia. Additionally, she operates under the alias DJ Dirt Vessel, contributing to the underground dark music scene in Estonia with captivating sets encompassing dark & industrial techno, EBM, darkwave, and post-punk.

In 2023, Bedless Bones participated in the Keychange talent development program, advocating for a sustainable music industry and supporting underrepresented artists