Bhukhurah (GR)

Bhukhurah, the artistic persona of Greek musician Christos Bekiris, brings a rich background in the music scene, having traversed Eu-rope alongside prominent rock groups CHICKN and The Callas.

As a solo artist, his Neo-Psychedelic/Indie/Pop sound shines through singles like “Paramera (Παράμερα),” “Full of Grapes,” and “Blue Platinum Beach,” gaining attention with features on VICE and LIFO magazine covers. Collaborating with both local and international artists, such as Prins Obi and Lee Ranaldo, Bhukhurah is currently set to release his debut EP.
Alongside drummer Pantelis Karasev-das, their live shows, described as dynamic and dreamy, have cap-tivated audiences in small venues, guerrilla gigs, and Greek island festivals. Bhukhurah is actively seeking representation and open for bookings across Europe and the UK in 2024, following notable per-formances as a supporting act for Miami Horror and Telenova, as well as participation in Athens Music Week.