del.grady (HU)

Barnabás Kókai has been active on the music scene since 2006, as a musician, concert promoter, stage manager and graphic designer for well-known Hungarian bands. With his band The Southern Oracle he has released 4 albums and 4 singles and is currently in the studio working on his 5th album. He has played numerous gigs in clubs in Hungary and abroad with his band and they play regularly with bands like Lazarvs, Subscribe, Fish! and have also played with international bands like Sepultura and Hatebreed. In addition to The Southern Oracle, two new projects will be launched at the end of 2022, a trio debut with trip-hop/alternative hip-hop tunes under the name Del Grady, and the debut of teeth Marks, a group co-founded with András Áron. Barnabás has a busy next year ahead of him: he’s planning a national and European tour with his recently released band TheSouthern Oracle, and he’s also looking to conquer the clubs with his lyric-centric del.grady project, which is also about to explode into the public consciousness with a major album. Teeth Marks will also be releasing a full-length album and music videos.TSO have been regulars at Budapest Park and several festivals in recent years, and have received numerous invitations from abroad, which they were unable to fulfil during Covid, but are aiming to hit as many international clubs as possible in 2023