Dimitri's Bats (RO)

Dimitri’s Bats is a fresh sight on the Romanian indie-pop / alternative scene, constantly blurring the lines between dancefloor beats and alternative riffs, blending eclectic sounds and dark undertones into a unique vibe that will get anyone tapping along. Their second EP, ‘Monobloc’, has been released this year and was followed by a national tour and some other European showcases and festivals: Tallinn Music Week, Juwenalia PW (PL), BUSH Budapest (HU).

Dimitri’s Bats have played at numerous festivals and showcases such as Summer Well (RO),

Electric Castle (RO), Juwenalia PW (PL), Tallinn Music Week (EE), Mastering the Music Business (RO) and have opened for artists such as The 1975 (UK), Son Lux (US) and Daria Zawiałow (PL), one of Poland’s best-known artists.

The story behind the name

The band’s name has a haunting story behind it. One day, during a family lunch, Radu’s great-great grandfather was talking about his windmill and how it was infested with bats. The family was mocking and making fun of the matter. After a couple of glasses, Dimitri slammed his fist on the table and declared, “I’m going to take care of those damn bats”. He stood up and went to the windmill. The family waited and waited for him to return, but he never did. Dimitri vanished without a trace, and nobody heard from him ever since. It is said that Dimitri is still with his bats.