Dora Tomori (SI)

Dora Tomori is a young singer/songwriter from Ljubljana, Slovenia, exploring her internal topography and her surroundings through her music.

Barely nineteen, the songwriter ventures through the topics of loneliness, freedom and love in the new age of normality. Her genre has evolved from intimate bedroom pop to soft indie, from which she draws the minimalist aesthetic and emotive atmosphere. Her songs might echo the works of songwriters such as Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and LizzyMcAlpine.

She released her first single “New Religion” in December, christening the first step in her journey towards releasing her debut album “Where No Heartbreak Has Gone” in April of 2023. The piece intertwines every quarantine mood with the air of a monumental heartbreak, heavily inspired by the weather, and representing great emotional outpour.