Flanger Kids is an up-and-coming electro-pop duo from Budapest. Their bedroom-produced tunes are based on the 80s & 90s synth textures mixed with cosmic guitar riffs and soft and catchy vocals.  Their mission is to show that one can make music with a minimalistic setup. They encourage other women not to be afraid of going off the beaten track like producing their own songs. In 2020 Telekom Electronic Beats Hungary featured their first song In Your Room on their POPPING playlist. The duo’s debut EP Dreaming of a Better World was released by Move Gently Records. During the summer of 2021, they played at major Budapest venues like MONYO Land, Kobuci Kert, A38 Ship, and festivals including Kolorádó and Waldorfeszt. They performed with Helaine Vis (PL) at a Liveurope event last fall. On stage, they perform as a duo or as a 4-piece band.