Helaine Vis is a singer-songwriter from Kraków, Poland. Abase of her music has always been simply – lyrics, emotions, a voice and a guitar. The songs she’s been writing for almost a decade are personal stories, thoughts and conclusions, describing an entire experience of being a human – not only romantic, deep aspects of it, but also shameful, sad or completely casual things.

With a guitarist Grzegorz Skoczylas they created a unique sound which is a mixture of Helaine’s voice – soft, yet momentally husky, complemented and counterpointed by the guitar in its full range of sounds – from classic &humble to more ambient, stratospheric or even rough.

Their third performance ever at Spring Break Showcase Festival was a breaking point in their life, as they met Bartek Borowicz, head of a unique music agency that specialises in Sofar-like, intimate concerts. Working with Borówka Music has allowed them to play over 70concerts in 40 different cities all over Poland including music festivals (Tak Brzmi Miasto, Music Trail Festival, Songwriter Łódź Festival, Sieradz Open Hair Festival, Juwenalia Krakowskie) and a 5-day tour with a Norwegian band FLUNK.

The entire year of 2020 has passed on recording and producing their debut album. Adding a twist to the simple singer-songwriter minimalistic material they’ve been playing for the past 3 years.





Contact: Bartek Borowicz  borowka.music@gmail.com