KiKi (SI)

KiKi is a 22 year-old Slovenian singer-songwriter. She first performed in 2021 at the local festival Slovenska nota. The clip of her singing her song Punčka iz papirja (Little paper doll) went viral on Slovenian Tiktok with more than 250 thousand views, which gained her some local media attention.

She’s been independently releasing music ever since. Radio Študent, the biggest Slovenian independent radio, described it as “magical folk-pop”. Her debut album KRiKi contains 12 original songs and has received positive reviews from the Slovenian public.

In November 2023 she was accepted to the RigaLIVE songwriting camp, which motivated her to seek out more international opportunities.

She’s also performed at acclaimed Slovenian festivals like City of women, Floating castle and the showcase festival Druga godba. In February 2024 she will perform at the showcase festival MENT Ljubljana.

She most enjoys creating music in the studio and producing her musical ideas into reality.