The 2020 8-track LP Lexplosion II by the flagship of Estonian boogie, disco and funk Lexsoul Dancemachine provides fire power for the dancefloor with DJ-friendly, extended rhythm tracks. The 6-piece groove band took a fresh approach on their third studio album, drawing inspiration from broken beat and nu jazz.

LSDM débuted with the street-funk LP Deus Lex Machina (2015), followed by the latin-jazz, disco LP Sunny Holiday in Lexico (2018). From these “Beef Grinder” and “Coconuts” have given the crew continual radio love from BBC and stations all over Europe.

Evident from their UK-tour, Pori Jazz and Imagina Funk live shows, there’s also no question that LSDM is a superb live band. Now, the essence of the Dancemachine has been captured on tape better than ever on Lexplosion II – a recording by Solid Gold Sound.


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