Lucia’s career got a kickstart in 2012 when her first single “Silence” went viral and made her an overnight success, with 27 million views to date and legions of fans in Turkey, South America and of course her home country of Romania. She slowly started developing a modern indie-pop sound and, signed to leading independent label Global Records the same year, she released her debut album „Silence” in 2015.

Lucia’s highly anticipated second album “Samsara” was released in 2018 and established itself as a meditation on the nature of death and the cycles of rebirth, all seen from different perspectives. However, what could be a heavy motif for an indie / art-pop music album is approached in a way that is never obscure or heavy-handed.

You can listen to Lucia making a track by track review of her latest album here:

Lucia´s soft, fragile vocals and heartfelt lyrics manages to convey universal questions and experiences, making Samsara a tremendously relatable album. If you add the tasteful arrangements to the mix, with lush piano melodies, elegant strings and daring electro beats, you get a most relevant contemporary pop release similar to Birdy, Aurora and Regina Spektor.

Lucia performs in a band format, with the bass guitar, drums, keys and occasional cello offering an expressive framework for interpreting her compositions. She already played big local festivals such as Untold (2018) but has also opened for international acts such as Asaf Avidan (2016) and most recently Kimbra (2019).


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