We are MAiKA, Balkan alternative dance-punk band from Serbia/Croatia/ Slovenia. Our music relies on modern beats, female punk vocals, and crazy stage energy. Combining traditional Balkan music, trumpets and accordion, with new genres (electronic, alternative dance, indie pop, punk), MAiKA creates an authentic sound.

The band was formed in 2016 by singer/composer Ida Prester and drummer Nikola Vukoticalongside with bass player Petar Stojanovic. Shortly after, young but experienced accordion player Luka Lopicic joined the band, as well as very talented saxophone player Rastko Uzunovic. That line-up with their own musical backgrounds, influenced each other. Diversity and synergy between band members led to the formation of signature music style, so recognizable to the band as it is today. In 2018 Dusan Murisic trumpet player took Rastko’s place in the band. He brought a very unique and different aspect to our sound.

Iva Pazin and Petra Pelemis young female singers contributed even more with their powerful vocals and unleashed energy, taking the all-around quality of the band and stage performance to another level. From our perspective (both musical and visual) Balkan is an unique mix of contrasts: religion and tradition combined with modern technology, natural beauty with mentality, mud with gold, ecstatic joy with tears, bloody conflicts with warm humanity and generosity. Balkan is a delicious soup of many influences, styles, and cultures, which is the main theme of MAiKA music.

With their electrifying fusion of traditional Balkan roots and glitchy dance beats, MAiKA is pushing the envelope of the so-called “world music” genre.!