Tomáš Reindl aka OMNION is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and tabla player with a distinctive, clearly recognizable style in his music production. He makes use of his ethnomusicological knowledge (he teaches Ethnomusicology and other music theory subjects at the Prague Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and multi-instrumental skills (in this composition he plays Indian tabla, clarinet, dhol, frame and shaman drums, kanjira, didjeridu, he also uses beatboxing techniques and overtone singing). All of this is complemented by innovative principles of electronic processing and looping, which OMNION fully utilizes live in their concert performances. Omnion is active both at home and abroad (recent performances include Estonia’s Tallin Music Week, Colours of Ostrava, or a recent joint performance with the cult Carbon Based Lifeforms), winning 1st prize in the Musica Nova 2019 competition and nominations in the international JPFolks Awards and Independent Music Awards. Tomáš Reindl (among others) composed the music for the dance performance INspiraCe (420 people and Berg Orchestra), which is currently on the program of the Archa Theatre. T. Reindl is also the author of the subject of the music video Shaman Cimrman, which he also directed and edited.