Pantaloons trio is a community of three “clumsy fellows” as they like to call themselves. Luka Belič (saxophone), Aljaž Markežič (sousaphone), and David Nik Lipovac (drums) first emerged as part of the Chilli Brass Band in 2016 where they started experimenting with musical melodies and rhythms in a jam session form. After a few compositions, they placed their unique music style on the map of electronic dance music with a hint of jazz, funk, breakbeat, dubstep, and more. As Radio Študent’s choice for the concert tour Klubski Maraton in 2019, Pantaloons trio got the chance to shake up the Slovenian music scene. Furthermore, in 2020 they performed at the international music festival MENT in Ljubljana and the Liverpool Sound City Festival, supported by INES#talent 2020. At the beginning of 2021, they performed online streaming from Kino Šiška with a visual artist Stella Ivšek (VJ 5237), and recently they performed at the Electric Castle festival in Romania and European Youth Event in France.