Perija (MK)

Perija was formed in 2015 as a street performance band. Members changed during the years and as the band evolved, it formed a solid core of four members: Lea Milinovikj, Dea Plevnesh, Katerina Dimitrovska and Ognen Zlatanov. All of them are in a way self-taught regarding the instruments they play in the band. Although two of them have a formal music education: Dea Plevnesh studied jazz drums at the Conservatory in Maastricht and Audio Engineering and Music Production at the SAE Amsterdam Institute. Ognen Zlatanov studies classical music in the music high school in Skopje, where his main instrument is double bass. The band was chosen in 2021 as part of the MOST program support for artists. The band has two studio albums:

  • Loc (self-released), 2017
  • Falan Filan (Sharla Records), 2021

and two EPs:

  • Kokalo (Sharla Records), 2020
  • Live at E.S.N.S. 2021

The band also performed at some major showcase festivals, such as Eurosonic (2021) and Womex (2022)

At the moment they are finishing their third studio album, Tavşan Kanı, and planning the year ahead
together with their booking agent, Rok Kosir