PetarZ (RS)

* In 2003. as a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass guitar, percussion) PetarZ was the founding member of his first rock-blues group called „Maron Sho“, and he released his frist album in 2006. under the „Active time“ music records label, Belgrade. Among many performances with the band, Petarz had performed at Beer Festival in Belgrade in 2007. as well as many other cities and venues together with the Belgrade-radio 202 caravan.

* In 2019. PetarZ has openned one of the biggest festivals in Europe – „Exit“ at the opening ceremony on the 4th of july with his associate Marko Louis. They have written together the official anthem for the Exit festival, called „Tribe“. They have also released the official video for the „Tribe“ song.

* In colaboration with Bosnian sevdah singer Božo Vrećo, Petarz records bass guitars for Božo’s album called „Pandora“.

* PetarZ has performed with his band as an opening act for the pioneers of British acid jazz/funk sensation „The Brand New Heavies“ on 20th and 21st of october at the Belgrade concert in 2022.

* He is one of the composers and arrangers, together with serbian singer/songwriter Marko Louis and dj/rapper BegeFank of the single called „Samo bez straha“ („Without fear“) which took place in the finals of the Serbian contest for Eurovsision song in 2019. The song was performed by singer Natasha Guberinić and female rapper Una Senić.

* PetarZ colaborates with singer/songwriter Marko Louis on all of his work so far as a composer, arranger, lyricist, guitar and bass player.

* Has colaborated with Merry Gosple Choir (the only gospel music choir in Serbia)

* He has colaborated with the pianist Vasil Hadžimanov, as an arranger and instrumentalist for Montenegrin singer/songwriter Goran Gump Milojević’s single which is about to be released.

* Petarz has worked as a lyricist, arranger, guitar and bass player and percussionist for the American singer/songwriter Ron Holsey on his sinlge called „Srpkinja“ (the Serbian girl) which was a big hit single throughout the former republics of Yugoslavia. He has also colaborated with the singer and the winner of the „X factor“ contest from the North Republic of Macedonia, Daniel Kajmakoski, as well as with „Maraqya“, soul/funk band from Belgrade. He is a member of „Lady Jelena“ band (Jelena Petošević) as a percussionist. PetarZ also has colaborated with the „Timbelle“ group, a Swiss representative of the Eurovision for 2017 as well as many other musicians, singers/songwriters. PetarZ has performed with various bands at festivals such as Exit (Novi Sad, Serbia), Beer Fest (Belgrade), Godo fest (Sombor, Serbia), Festival Dev9t (Belgrade), MMF festival Valjevo, Serbia, Arsenal fest, Kragujevac, Serbia, Nisville festival, and many others.

* PetarZ has arranged and conducted music in couple of theater plays in Belgrade theaters such as „Bosko Buha“, „Dusko Radovic“ and „Teatar Vuk“.

* PetarZ has released his debut album called „Riddlephore“ in september of 2019. His fellow musicians who participated on Petarz’s album are Miloš Nikolić-trumpet (from Rambo Amadeus band, Gramophonedzie, Lepa Brena, Vlado Georgiev etc.), Mario Ševarac-saxophone (from Dubioza Kolektiv), Pedja Milutinović-drums (from Vasil Hadžimanov band) and Marko Louis-singer/songwriter.
He released his second studio album on 25th of november in 2022. called „Tête-à-tête“ with some collaboration guests such as Rhani Krija (Sting), Vasil Hadzimanov, Marko Louis, Max Kochetov and many others. The albums are released under the Mascom records music label from Belgrade, the Warner Chapell affiliate record label for Balkan region.

* Petarz’s style of music is crossover between funk, soul, blues, jazzy, reggae and disco music.