PLUTO’S DOUBTS started as a naive initiative to get together, people with different skills and charisma, in order to create something truly exciting. The debut album „Sizif“ was released through Password Production label in December 2017followed by a concert promotion at the sold-out hall at the Frosina Cinema at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje.

„Sizif“was released to critical acclaim from music critics. The first significant feedback provoked the single Super Jupiter, whose video was part of Videography, MTV Adria.

Fast forward to 2020 they went through a path of growth and managed to balance the overwhelming success gained in a just a couple of years. Even the pandemic could not stop the rise of a great band, ready to be put on a pedestal called success.

Performing on the biggest festivals in Macedonia during the pandemic and recording for international festivals such as Mondo and GoToBeat where standard daily responsibilities. Still going strong they plan something big for 2021. Stay tunned for more as these fine gentlemen start taking names.