Tamara Kezz (RS)
Tamara Kezz is a singer, music producer, live music performer and DJ from Serbia, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Tamara has been releasing music under the alias Kezz since 2014, when she released her first single “Moma” (Maiden), which was shortlisted (out of three) in a competition organized by World Music Network from London. At that time she also started to perform solo, as a live looping artist. Since 2018, she has started performing intensively in electronic music clubs, such as the legendary Boat 20/44 and the Club Half in Belgrade, presenting her specific hybrid of live and DJ set.
Today she produces and mixes her own music, and for clients such as NEO Design, P…S… fashion, National Museum of Serbia, “Čuvam te – I protect you“ – a Serbian National platform for the prevention of violence that involves children, Cobra Film production by Dragan Bjelogrlić and others. She is also composing music for radio, theater, exhibitions, performances, etc. Her latest release “Go For It” was signed to the EXIT Soundscape label, recently founded by EXIT Festival.
Tamara plays different styles of music and different types of gigs. Her music is a free form that is constantly changing, from the performance to the sound itself, with a connection in her remarkable voice.
She is one of the most interesting musicians from Serbia and the first artist from this country to play at Glastonbury Festival, where she played 2 shows last summer.