Vagina Corporation are a young alternative rock band from Skopje, North Macedonia. It is a Psychadelic-garage-kraut-post-wave groupaton of flavors. Inspired by both the horrors of our times as well their local band comrades, they aim to inspire people to both dance and be angrier at the world we are living in.
Mixing and fixing it up just for you. The precious listener, who is always right except when your not. Started as a solo project by singer Luka Jovanoski in 2022, Vagina Corporation expanded into a full band in 2023 through a series of sweaty explosive concerts, on which the boundaries between the band and the audience were liberatingly unclear. Presented by the master sounds the Master of sounds.

With two releases under their belt. You know theyre trying to overthrow the fly weight champion of the world and assuming the position and desposition as the hardest working band in the world.