Yon Idy (MK)

Yon Idy is a singer-songwriter based in Skopje. His style of music can be best described as indie-pop mainly led by acoustic and live instruments.

Raised by listening to The Beatles and Leonard Cohen, later influenced by Muse, with healthy doses of the blues and indie scenes, Yon’s music seems to be the perfect combination of both. He discovered his love for songwriting soon after he started learning how to play the guitar in his teens.

He plays to live audiences multiple times a week and is looking forward to releasing his first full-length album in 2023. When creating, Yon always tries new styles in order to stretch his creativity and develop artistically in the meantime.

“In Time” is a characteristically simple, but elegantly timeless composition from Yon. His voice resonates with the listener, at times causing the heart to flutter almost imperceptibly, while at others piercing it to its very core. “In Time” buildsonYon’s September 2021 release “My Fire,” which has over 40,000 streams on Spotify with 92,000 views for his accompanying video.