Introduction to music publishing by SongtrustⓇ/ HMA workshops

For their 3rd ΗΜΑ workshop, the 27 HEMI MUSIC AWARDS nominees had the chance to meet with Mandy Aubry, Director of Business Development for EMEA and APAC at Songtrust.

Mandy’s wonderful workshop was an introduction to Music Publishing, with useful and crucial information on topics such as When is the right time to sort out your music publishing, Linking the composition and recording, Why direct collection is best, Traditional publishing (& co-publishing) deals, Publishing administration deals or Modern music publishing administration deals.

About Mandy :

Mandy Aubry is the Director of Business Development for EMEA and APAC at Songtrust, the world’s largest technology solution for global music publishing royalty collection and administration. Aubry is based in the Netherlands and leads Songtrust’s expansion across EMEA and APAC. She has more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, previously working for music publishing administrator Fintage House, and the renowned hard rock and heavy metal record label, Roadrunner Records. Aubry also holds the Rightsholder position on the Executive Board of the Association for Electronic Music.

Mandy Aubry has a unique talent for demystifying the complexities surrounding music publishing, and is committed to its democratisation. Originally from London, Mandy lives with her family in the historical city of Leiden in the Dutch province of South Holland.

About Songtrust:
Songtrust is the world’s largest technology solution for global music publishing royalty collection and administration. It was founded to simplify music rights management and remove the complexity of the publishing landscape. Songtrust’s core mission is to help musicians, publishers, labels, and distributors easily track and collect global publishing royalties for their music catalogs.

Songtrust administers more than 2,000,000 songs and represents more than 300,000 songwriters, including those who have written songs recorded by Drake, Billie Eilish, and Kendrick Lamar. The company works with publishers and distributors such as CD Baby, Downtown Music Publishing, and Sub Pop Publishing.

Songtrust maintains the most extensive, accessible publishing network in the music industry by having direct relationships across more than 50 rights societies around the world covering more than 215 countries and territories. Songtrust® is a registered service mark of ST Music LLC, which is owned and operated by Downtown Music Holdings. Songtrust was named a Billboard Magazine Top Music Startup upon launch in 2011.

The company is headquartered in New York City. For more information, please visit:


Short intro about HEMI music markets (Workshop Video)

HEMI partners met again with the 27 artists nominees selected in the first Phase of the HEMI MUSIC AWARDS 2021!

This unformal workshop was held to make a short presentation of the 9 HEMI music markets (Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.)

For more information about the 27 nominated artists and bands from  please also visit: HEMI MUSIC AWARD  ARTISTS 2021

HEMI MUSIC AWARDS is a pilot project from the Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI).

HEMI is a European initiative aiming to support Artists and Music Professionals from Central and South Eastern Europe (CSEE). Developed as a Cluster, HEMI partnership includes Public and Private organisations, Associations, Festival and Conference Organizers, Export Offices and a Music Business school.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, our vision is to trademark Central and South Eastern European Music Creativity.

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Meet the 27 HMA artists nominees (video)!

On Wednesday 27 of January, HEMI partners met with the 27 artists nominees of the first Phase of the HEMI MUSIC AWARDS. You can discover all these talented artists from Central & Southeastern Europe in the short footage of our zoom session here bellow!

For more information the 27 nominated artists and bands from Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, you can also visit: HMA Artists Revealed

We look forward to meeting them again in the next sessions when we’ll start feeding them with useful information about our markets and other important topics for any music entrepreneur!

#HEMIMusicHub #CreativeEurope

HEMI MUSIC AWARDS 27 first nominees revealed!

HEMI Music Awards (HMA) 2021 is thrilled to reveal the nominees of the first edition! The 27 artists and bands from 9 countries of Central & Southeastern Europe will be participating in the initial phase of HMA 2021 and will earn activities that will help them evaluate their capacity to access new territories.

The package for each one includes accreditations to attend European showcase festivals and conferences, business assessment made by Export Offices, training sessions, and media coverage.

From a total of 285 exceptional European artists from a wide musical range, the international jury had the difficult task to select only 27 of them (3 artists per country) that met the criteria to the fullest extend.

However, only the 9 of them (1 per country) will pass to the second phase of HMA, earning personalized support, advanced training and networking until the third and last phase of HMA 2021 where 3 winners will earn the prize package that covers costs for content creation, promo campaigns, participation to selected music conferences, and all expenses for touring to international Festivals and showcase events, a total prize value of € 6,000 per winner!

HEMI Music Awards is a talent program for artists who are ready to develop an international career and who aim to reach new markets and audiences.

HMA is organized by the Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI), a European initiative aiming to support artists and music business professionals from Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Discover the HMA 2021 nominees

Czech Republic

Thom Artway


Invisible World



I Wear* Experiment

Lexsoul Dancemachine


Deaf Radio

Transparent Man

Marva Von Theo



Woodstock Barbie

The Anahit

North Macedonia

Funk Shui


Pluto’s Doubts


Izzy and the Black Trees

Helaine Vis







Dogs in Kavala




Koala Voice

WCKD Nation


HEMI Music Awards 2021 edition will be announced during PIN Conference and CEEntral Party events

HEMI Music Award will be a talent programme for artists seeking professional support to help them break the frontiers, reach new audiences and develop international career.

The Αward will be addressed to Export ready artist, meaning that Artist should have experience playing music to a live audience, they should have promo material on the internet, they should have music which is available on major streaming services, and they should have released new music in the last 2 years.

The HEMI Music Award (HMA) activities will combine theory, practice and most of all, real life experiences, providing support through different packages of a total budget worth €36.000!

The selection will be done by an international Jury of 27 members Industry Expert, Festival organizers, Promoters, Export Offices, Venue managers and Music journalists from the 9 countries of the Award: Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland and Romania.

The process of selection will be developed in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Preselection of 3 nominees from each country

This phase will be about checking applicants’ data and eligibility criteria’s, leading to a preselection of 3 nominees per country (27 in total).  Jury members will evaluate the nominees through networking and training sessions. The objective will be to help artists identify skills and competencies they need towards the development of their international career.

Phase 2: Selection of 9 International Nominees

In this phase, Jury will reduce the 3 nominees to 1 nominee per country, leading to a pool of 9 international nominees. These nominees will go through specialized training and receiving Tailor Made Business Consultancy on topics they need to break the frontiers! All nominees will participate to an international live music event, which will lead to the final phase of the programme.

Phase 3: Award Winners

The final phase of the programme where the Jury will select 3 finalists and winners of the HEMI Music Award 2021. The announcement will be made during a special event mid-May.

More news next weeks!

HEMI MUSIC AWARD is organized by the Hub for the Exchange of the Music Innovation (HEMI) a project co-funded by the creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Music Estonia presents HEMI at Tallinn Music Week 2020 Hybrid Edition

The 12th edition of Showcase festival Tallinn Music Week (TMW) will kick off on Thursday, the 27th of August. Music Estonia is one of the partners of the festival again contributing to the Creative Impact Conference program!

A partner of HEMI, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, the conference will take place over two days, 28–29 August at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA), preceded by introductory webinars on the 27th of August. The conference will be in hybrid format, meaning that delegates are able to participate both on site at the EKA, as well as online with a DigiPRO pass.

This year’s program features once again exciting panels and presentations, as well as mentoring sessions and workshops by the professionals in the field.

We recommend that you register to the latter very quickly, as the number of places is limited and the content there promises to be especially interesting – social media platform TikTok, creating a visual brand, mental health and the emotional impact of music, etc.

And those who feel that it would be useful to go over the roles of music industry, can do so in our “101: Roles in Music Industry” webinars on Thursday, August 27th.

To be a part of it all, you have to be a TMW delegate. Conference passes are on sale at the festival’s online store.

Seminars, panels, presentations

This year, the conference addresses music-related topics from practical workshops and seminars to inspiring pop-culturology talks and cross-sectoral future visions.

Music Estonia has contributed to the conference program with the following topics:

Read more and take part.

Mentoring sessions

45 minutes long mentoring sessions are a good combination of learning and networking.

These small group sessions with up to 5 participants and a mentor, are a great way to get some advice on your own matters and also hear and learn from your peers.

The exact content of the mentoring depends largely on the interests of the participants.

Topics such as management, leadership and career development, digital marketing, festivals, etc. will be discussed and advice will be given by the experts around the world.

Mentors include Sophie Roberts, the Booking Agent at leading talent and entertainment company United Talent Agency, Jenni Kivikoski, A&R Manager at Sony Finland, and Effi Summers, who advises indie-artists in the field of social media and visual branding.

The background of the mentors is very diverse – among them are professionals with experience in electronic music, metal, world music, jazz and other scenes.

Mentorings will be held in English, the number of places is limited.

Read more and take part.


In practical workshops, for example, the social media platform TikTok, the basics of copyright, digital marketing techniques, the emotional impact of music, etc. will be examined.

Among others, the workshops will be led by Harry Tidswell, Music Partnerships Manager at leading influencer marketing agency Fanbytes, Brandon Rosenbluth, Agent and Manager for electronic music artists, and Vaiko Eplik, independent artist, author, phonogram producer and Chairman of the Board of EAÜ.

Workshops will be held in English (except for “Autoriõiguse ABC”), the number of places is limited.

Read more and take part.

We are thrilled to present the full line up of the European Music Day 2020

As a proud partner of the  European Music Day Association, we are thrilled to present the full line-up of the 21st edition of the #europeanmusicday#feteEuropeennedelaMusique 2020 edition!

We knew this summer would be different, but as music always finds the way to inspire us, thankfully, it also gives us the strength to move on and undertake new challenges!

Although the infinite obstacles regarding live events, we are proud and feel very excited to confirm that #Athens#Berlin#Budapest#Bucharest#Krakow#Istanbul#Manchester#Milano#Ljubljana#Lisbon#Prague and #Skopje will present a 4 hours live-streamed music marathon, offering everyone, a music journey around Europe!

In total, 12 partners have joined forces, following an initiative of the European Music Day Association, in collaboration with the Greek Network for the European Music Day and the support of HEMI Music Hub and Creative Europe!

All events will be broadcast live (combining live and prerecorded concerts), in high resolution for mobile, tablets or TV screens!

With music genres ranging from Jazz to pop, from rock to funk and techno, we will be visiting beloved places, legendary landmarks, or unexpected spots, from the Cobblers Bridge in #Ljubljana to the rooftop of the Institut français Berlin or the gardens of #Manchester, from #TechnopolisCityofAthensObservatory to a boat TRIP on Budapest’s Danube river, from #Bucharest to the secret gardens of Lisbon, from magnificent Krakow to the legendary Cross Club in Prague, and from a home studio in Milano to the Музеј на современата 

уметност Скопје / Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje  and the one-of-a-kind party on a rooftop overlooking Bosporus in Istanbul!



19.00 (18.00 CET), Manchester (UK),Diving Station

19.12 (18.12 CET), Krakow (PL),Gypsyandtheacidqueen

19.42 (18.42 CET), Athens (GR),Mica Eio

19.57 (18.57 CET), Ljubljana (SI),Pantaloons

20.17 (19.17 CET), Lisbon (PT),MURAIS

20.32 (19.32 CET), Prague (CZ),teepee

21.02 (20.02 CET), Skopje (MK),Foltin

21.24 (20.24 CET), Budapest (HU),Goodbye Darjeeling

21.44 (20.44 CET), Athens (GR),Tfatfy

22.10 (21.10 CET), Milano (IT), LuweiMondonero

22.30 (21.30 CET), Berlin (DE),The junk-E-cat

23.00 (22.00 CET), Istanbul (TR),Hey Douglas

23.42 (22.42 CET), Bucharest (RO),Manuel Riva




#EuropeanMusicDay #EMD2020 #FEdlM #musicmoveseurope European Music DayHEMI Music Hub, 

Athens Music Week Phygital Edition is here! Covid won’t stop Music!

With just 3 months to reshape all program since the COVID 19 pandemic shadowed the planet, we are happy to announce that Technopolis City of Athens, our Greek HEMI partner, have revealed the Conference and Showcase program of the Athens Music Week 2020 

Athens Music Week 2020 Phygital Edition
speakers – 28 artists – 17 countries and a Pan-European surprise event!

Technopolis City of Athens and MESO Events are proud to present, for the second year in a row, Athens Music Week, from the 16th till the 21st of June. This time, in a brand-new… phygital version!

The second edition of AMW combines the physical with the digital world, to present a one-of-a-kind international meeting of 17 countries, featuring 50 distinguished delegates and speakers of the local and global music industry, and 28 solo artists/bands from across Europe!

The program includes an International Music Conference with panel-discussions, presentations, webinars, artist showcases, and live Q&A sessions as well a special surprise event celebrating the European Music Day!

Conference program of Athens Music Week thus far:


Live gigs and touring in the era of covid-19: how do managers, booking agents and festivals respond to the travel ban and audience restrictions? Online concerts or phygital festivals: is it the new trend? But what about the live music experience? How can artists and music professionals be supported today? How can you promote your music business in the current situation, access new markets, make new connections?

50 experts talk about it all! Distinguished professionals of the music sector, delegates from European networks, conferences and festivals, along with representatives of the Greek music industry, discuss and share their thoughts and experiences.

The Panels will be livestreamed, and followed by online Q&A sessions with the speakers.

 Panel Discussions:

  • Audience restrictions, travel ban: What options do artists, musicians and bands have to present their music?
  • Innovation in Music: Is it a question of mind-set, of tools? Both?
  • Networking from home: how can we promote our music business over the next months?
  • Free Streaming is cool, but is there a life vest for artists and music professionals?
  • NextStageChallenge or how a European Music Industry Hackathon was launched during lockdown!
  • Covid-19 makes us rethink business strategy. Are you “updated”? Or should you go back to school?
  • Streaming events and festivals is a forced trend, but what about the “physical” music experience? What can we expect from here on?
  • Divided we fall? Not always! Focus on the initiatives of European networks supporting artists and music professionals.

Events Powered by HEMI – Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation

Meet & Greets                                                                                

Meet the music industry innovators, projects and start-ups chosen by the European Network   Jump – European Music Market Accelerator:

SENSI (PT) / eCauda (ES) / Groover (FR) / Terrible Merch (UK) / Deep Listening (ΙΤ) / Wetum4kids (PT) / FITCHY (NL) / Self Releasing Artists Network (UK)

Events Powered by JUMP – European Music Market Accelerator


New and rising talents will present the sound of music scenes of Greece, Turkey, Central and Southeast Europe have to show.

Artists (in alphabetical order)

Bratri (CZ) / Byron (RO) / Drums & Voice Jazztronica Duet (GR) / Electro Hafiz (TR) / Fraktale (PL) / Funk Shui (MK) / Gio Melody (GR) / Go-Dratta (IT) / Goodbye Darjeeling (HU) / June Cocó (DE) / Kety Fusco (IT) / Komfortrauschen (DE)  / Kostas Sidirokastritis (GR) / Lena Laki (GR) / Lucia (RO) / Marinho (PT) /Market (CZ) / Mavi Gunes 69 (TR) / Moose (GR) / Nalyssa Green (GR) / Neal Cassady (PL) / Strawberry Pills (GR) / Sirom (SI) / Thomas Konstantinou Ensemble (GR) / Vasko Atanasovski Tri (SI) / Whereswilder (GR) / Evritiki Zygia (GR)

Showcases will be livestreamed, and followed by online Q&A sessions with the artists.

Events Powered by HEMI – Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation


Could you use help to create a business plan or a marketing strategy, fill an application for funding, or prepare a presentation? Specialists with long experience in the field offer their know-how, tips and advice to new professionals of the music sector.

Topics will be announced soon. The spots are limited, and registration will be required!

Powered by JUMP – European Music Market Accelerator


We visit Thourio village in Orestiada, Thrace, to check out the traditional Thracian Lyra workshop of Alexis Partinoudis. We discover the age-old process of constructing the instrument from natural locally sourced materials, and hear a lot of stories about traditions and customs in Thrace, and the cultural and emotional importance of the historic musical instruments of the region, the lyra, the gaida, the cavali… curious about the sounds yet? Well, Alexis and his friend Stratos Spyros, both members of the traditional Thracian music group Evritiki Zygia, will give you a pretty good idea!

Powered by HEMI – Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation

For more information and the latest updates, please visit












MENT 2020: Full festival program revealed! 

MENT Ljubljana 2020 is taking over the venues of the Slovenian capital between 5 and 7 February. Here are some finalized details about the festival’s program that we look forward to!

It’s all about the Music, with this, the 6th edition hosting a total of 81 acts that will perform on 14 locations across Ljubljana. Besides the 60 already announced names, including the headliners of the opening night, the golden boy of London jazz Kamaal Williams and Ukrainian group of seven actresses Dakh DaughtersDutch  electronic music ambassadors Dekmantel Soundsystem and plenty of great Slovenian artists, there are now more 21 acts performing during the festival.

Find the Full Lineup & Schedule: 

Along with the music, it’s time to talk business and get networking at the MENT conference 2020, which will take place at Kino Šiškaand M hotel between 6 and 7 February! It is divided into four interconnected sections:


Among the guests this year, are distinguished booking agent Rob Challice, university professor and music professional Sally-Anne Gross, head of Ljubljana-based record label Glitterbeat Records Chris Eckman and the European representative of the global music platform Bandcamp Aly Gillani.

MENT conference 2020 includes presentations on ex-YU markets, a debate on streaming income, a conversation about Eastern European festivals and a panel with representatives of some successful Eastern European music media. It also covers topics like the sustainability of festivals and musicians’ careers, innovative music PR and booking, and the Serbian initiative Hali gali.      

HEMI partners will be there for an introduction of new born initiative hosted by Slovenian partner Sigic.

You can find the full Conference Schedule here:

HEMI partners kick-off meeting in Athens !

HEMI kick-off meeting, took place in Athens, Greece, December 12-13, 2020!

It was a wonderful time in Technopolis City of Athens for the 20+ participants representing the 9 countries of our project, as we embarked in synthesizing the structure, the goals and the vision behind HEMI!

Meeting started with a warm welcome from Konstantinos Bitzanis, Managing Director of Technopolis City of Athens and Antonis Ikonomou, Director of Innovathens, who presented Technopolis City of Athens.

Then, representatives from Asociatia Romanian Artists Worldwide (RO), Foundation Exit (SRB), Fundacja Krakowska Scena Muzyczna (PL), Institut UmeniDivadelni Ustav (CZ), Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe (PL), Majdnem Hires Rocksuli (HU) , Music Estonia Mtü (EE), Password Production (NMK), Sigic Slovenski Glasbenoinformacijski Center (SI) presented their organization


Then, HEMI’s project coordinator, Georges Perot presented the project goals and vision while Ivan Toromanovski, HEMI’s  Operational manager analyzed the administrative model. It was an enthusiastic launch between partners, which has already produced results.

Looking forward to meeting all of our partners soon again and move on with our annual innovation meeting!


HEMI Kick off meeting agenda
12 – 13 December, 2019 / Venue: Innovathens – Technopolis City of Athens


12th of DECEMBER 2019:

­­­­­­­­­­­­­09:00 – 09:30:     Arrival of participants

Coffee reception

09:30 – 09:45      Welcome note & Technopolis Presentation

by Konstantinos Bitzanis – Managing Director Technopolis
Antonis Oikonomou – Innovathens Director

09:45 – 10:45      Partners’ Organization presentation

All partners, 5 min. each

10:45 – 11:00      coffee Break

11:00 – 11:30      HEMI General Overview, presentation by Georges Perot, HEMI Project Coordinator

11.30 – 12.00      HEMI Operational model, presentation by Ivan Toromanoski, HEMI Operations Manager 

12:00 – 12:30      HEMI operational model, discussion

12:30 – 13:00      HEMI Financial model, presentation by Ioanna Skiada, HEMI Financial Manager

13:00 – 13:15      HEMI Financial model, discussion

13:15 – 14:15      Lunch Break

14:15 – 15:15      HEMI Activities Overview

15:15 – 15:45      HEMI Activities, Discussion

15:45 – 16:00      HEMI Innovation meeting Overview (Athens – January)

16:00 – 16:15      coffee Break

16:15 – 16:45      HEMI Innovation meeting Overview, discussion

16:45 – 17:00      Conclusions / end of first day


13th of DECEMBER 2019:

­­­­­­­­­­­­­09:30 – 09:45:     Arrival of participants

Coffee reception

09:45 – 10:45      HEMI Multiplier EventsFirst semester 2020 overview

  • MENT Showcase Ljubljana / SIGIC (February)
  • MMB showcase, Bucharest / RAW (March)
  • TMW, Tallinn / Music Estonia (March)

10:45 – 11:15      HEMI Multiplier events discussion

11:15 – 11:30      HEMI Brand ID draft proposals Overviewby Dimitris Kanellopoulos

11:30 – 12:45      HEMI discussion

12:45 – 13:00      HEMI KOM conclusions

13:15 – 14:15      Lunch Break