OPEN CALL 2021 has ended. Results will be announced on January 21st! 

Are you an artist? Do you feel Export-Ready? Do you live in Central & South Eastern Europe? Seeking professional support to break through the borders?
The HEMI Music Awards are for you!
Apply now and get your chance to win
tailor made activities to help you and take the next step in your career!

HEMI Music Awards is a talent programme for artists who seek professional support to help them break through the borders, reach new audiences and develop an international career.

The Αwards are addressed to Export-ready solo artists or bands. They must have promo material on the internet, music available on major streaming platforms, and experience in playing music to a live audience.

HEMI MUSIC AWARDS is organized by the Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI) a project of 10 organizations from 9 countries, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


The selection is done by an international Jury of 27 members Industry Experts, Festival organizers, Promoters, Export Offices, Venue managers and Music journalists from the 9 countries participating in the Awards: Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

The process of selection is developed in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Preselection of 3 nominees from each country

This phase is about checking applicants’ data and eligibility criteria, leading to a preselection of 3 nominees per country (27 in total).  The Jury members will evaluate the nominees through networking and training sessions. The objective is to help artists identify skills and competencies they need towards the development of their international career.

Phase 2: Selection of 9 International Nominees

In this phase, the Jury will reduce the 3 nominees to 1 nominee per country, leading to a pool of 9 international nominees. These nominees will go through specialized training, and receive a Tailor-Made Business Consultancy aimed to help them expand their carrier beyond their home country! All nominees will participate in an international live music event, which will lead to the final phase of the programme.

Phase 3: Award Winners

In the final phase of the programme, the Jury will select from the international nominees, 3 winners of the HEMI Music Awards 2021.

The announcement will be made during a special event in mid-May.


The HEMI Music Awards 2021 budget is divided in prize packages worth a total of €36,000. The packages are split as follows:

The 27 nominees (phase 1)  participating in the initial phase of the award, will earn activities that will help them evaluate their capacity to access new territories. 

The package for each one includes accreditations to attend HEMI partners’ events, business assessment made by Export Office partners, training sessions, and media coverage.

The 9 International nominees (phase 2) will win personalized support through activities which will help them learn new skills and expand their competencies, contributing towards the development of their international career.

The support package for each includes, but is not limited to, networking activities, extensive media coverage, professional coaching and participation to international live showcase event, a total prize value of € 2,000 per nominee.

The HEMI Music Awards winners (phase 3): 3 winners will receive the HMA prize. 

The Package for each winner will cover costs for content creation, promo campaigns, participation to selected Music conferences, and all expenses for touring to international Festivals and showcase events, a total prize value of € 6,000 per winner.

The HEMI Music Awards winners will also be promoted by the 18 media partners of the programme.

 The HEMI Music Awards (HMA) activities will combine theory, practice and most of all, provide you life time experiences!

 HMA Business Consultancy
Tailor made activities provided by selected music industry experts, to give you all the answers in a 360 approach.

 HMA Delegate Pass
A privileged access and an opportunity to meet with international Music Industry professionals, to develop your network.

HMA Artists Focus
Dedicated promotional events during Showcase and Conferences, to present yourself to international music professionals!

HMA Live Sessions
International broadcasted events in live multicast with all HMA partners, to present your music and reach new audiences.

HMA Export Pack
Support for promotions, content creation and matchmaking activities, to ensure you get everything you need to go international!

HMA Tour 2021
The booking award with a tour in 4 partners’ Festivals, to help you discover and conquer the fans of the region!


Phase 1 activities
Preselection and Evaluation for the 27 Nominees
Period: 21st of January – End of February 2021  


  • Personal meeting with national HMA team
  • Common meeting with HEMI partners
  • Meeting with all HMA nominees
  • Participation in 4 training sessions

Training Program topics

  • Discover HMA Music Markets
  • Understand CSEE music Ecosystem
  • Capacity building
  • Meaning of Export Ready

HMA delegate pass
Each of the nominees (solo artist and/or all band members) will receive an accreditation to attend the event of their home country (dates tbc) :

  • Mastering the Music Business (RO)
  • Tallinn Music Week (EE)
  • MENT Ljubljana (SI)
  • Athens Music Week (GR)
  • Wianki w Krakowie (PL)
  • Exit Festival (RS)
  • BUSH (HU)
  • CEentral Party (CZ)
  • Tak Brzmi Miasto (PL)
  • PIN Music Conference (MK)

Phase 2 activities
Selection of the 9 International Nominees
Period: March – May 2021 


  • Assessment meetings with national HMA team
  • Common training from international HMA experts
  • Business Consultancy based on personalized needs
  • Performance during HMA Live Sessions

HMA Artist Focus
Participation to panel discussions and networking events dedicated to all nominees during Tallinn MusicWeek and Mastering the Music Business.

HMA Delegate pass
1 Artist representative or Band Manager of each of the 9 nominees will attend all HMA partners’ events (dates tbc) :
Mastering the Music Business (RO), Tallinn Music Week (EE), MENT Ljubljana (SI), Athens Music Week (GR), Wianki w Krakowie (PL), Exit Festival (RS), BUSH (HU), CEentral Party (CZ), Tak Brzmi Miasto (PL) and PIN Music Conference (MK)

HMA Live Sessions
Nominees will participate in an international event broadcasted live in multicast from all HMA partners channels. This is when the Jury will select the 3 winners.

HMA Business Consultancy (indicative topics covered)

 – management/ booking/ label / publishing deals

 – B2C (artist to fan) through Social media channels, Streaming platforms, Online &         offline communication
 – B2B with managers/ booking Agencies/ labels/ promoters/ brands

 – Press relations
 – Media Planning
 – Press kit (EPK, communication)

Export Strategy
 – Showcase festivals
 – International Networking
 – Touring

Revenue streams
 – Online Digital Service Providers (DSPs) / Live /Merchandising / Synchronizations
 – Sponsorships /endorsements
 – Funding: Crowdfunding and co-funding

Intellectual Property
 – Royalties, Copyrights and Collecting Societies 

Phase 3 activities
Selection of 3 Award winners

Period: May – December 2021


  • Meetings with national HMA team
  • Coaching meetings with HMA experts
  • Meeting to set up the HMA Export pack
  • Participation to the HMA Artist Focus events during Ment Ljubljana, Athens Music Week, Wianki, Exit Festival and Pin Music Conference
  • Meetings to set up the HMA Tour 2021

HMA Export Pack

  • Matchmaking process to help winners meet with the professional contacts they need (e.g. music platforms, Labels, Music Agencies, Booking Agencies, Festival organizers).
  • Support for the creation of new material such as video, audio or creative content and Ads Campaigns for promotions.


HMA Tour 2021

Prize covers travel, accommodation, food and promotional costs for the 3 winners.

Covid willing, the winners will travel to and perform in 4 events (dates to be confirmed):

  • Athens Music Week, Greece, 24/06/2021
  • Wianki, Cracow, Poland, 26/06/2021
  • Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, 11/07/2021
  • Taksirat Festival, Skopje, North Macedonia, 29/11/2021

COVID-19 notice: HMA networking and travelling activities are subject to changes depending on the evolution of the pandemic. 


 Eligibility criteria
Applicants must be solo artists or bands living in one of the countries participating in the contest:
 – Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia
Artists and band members must be 18 and above.


 Selection Criteria
Artists will be asked to demonstrate that :
 – they have a marketing plan to promote their music,
 – they have released new music over the last 2 years,
 – they have performed in concerts over the last 2 years.
Artists’ motivation
Project Export potential
Fluency in English



The deadline to submit applications is set to Wednesday 23rd of December 2020, 23:59 CET. On Monday 11th of January 2021, 3 nominees from each of the 9 participating countries will be contacted to confirm their participation and send further information. Should you have been selected, you will have 3 calendar days to contact us. Kindly note that if you do not respond, your nomination will be offered to another applicant. The pre-selected nominees will be announced on Thursday 21st of January 2021. For further inquiries, please contact us at info[at]hemimusichub.eu