HEMI Incubator 2022 beneficiaries revealed!

We are thrilled to announce the 30 in total selected projects and ideas of the first cycle of HEMI Incubator. After a careful screening of all applications received, the selection committee, composed of all HEMI board members and jury members , has selected the most promising ideas and projects to be developed together with renowned mentors and Industry experts.

The 30 beneficiaries of HEMI Incubator were officially announced during Tallinn Music Week, at the meet & greet event, where participants, mentors and HEMI partners came together for the first time in a hybrid event.

The 20 acceleratees and the 10 incubatees will have access to one-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions from top European music industry professionals, as well as online and offline workshops to deepen their knowledge and develop further their entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, participants will have access to networking events and pitching sessions starting from Athens Music Week as well as the opportunity to get in contact with numerous networks, music conferences and showcase festivals of the HEMI network.

The 18 HEMI Incubator experts and mentors will accompany the 30 selected beneficiaries in the development of their innovative ideas, services and products. A network of vetted music professionals who have experienced the ups and downs of working in one of the most competitive industries, and are willing to share their experience! They will pin-point strengths and weaknesses, give feedback, suggest directions and introduce them to relevant key industry players to develop synergies.

At the end of the programme, 3 innovative ideas with the highest potential of development and 3 projects/companies with the greatest potential to impact the future of the music industry will gain a support grant to help them develop their projects and widen their networks.

The 30 selected ideas and projects of HEMI Incubator cover a great variety of topics faced within the music sector, providing innovative solutions to foster social change, diversity, sustainability and creativity in an evolving industry where art, science, and business converge.

Meet our 20 acceleratees and 10 incubatees and find out more about their groundbreaking projects and ideas!

HEMI incubatees and acceleratees just announced at Tallinn Music Week!

The 30 beneficiaries of HEMI Incubator were officially announced during Tallinn Music Week, at the meet & greet event, where participants, mentors and HEMI partners came together for the first time in a hybrid event.

The 30 selected ideas and projects of HEMI Incubator cover a great variety of topics faced within the music sector, providing innovative solutions to foster social change, diversity, sustainability and creativity in an evolving industry where art, science, and business converge.

Lοoking forward for the entrepreneurial journey τo begin!


HEMI panel at Tallinn Music Week!

After a very long time, we were so excited to be back to our belove music conference and festival in Tallin, Estonia!
Don’t miss our HEMI panel on Friday 6 May | 12:15 – 13:15
HEMI Guide to Central & Eastern European Music Markets

In the post-pandemic and politically insane world, it is more important than ever to learn about all the possibilities the different European music markets can offer and focus on regional cooperations to gain from the diversity of European music industry. The HEMI project has brought together organisatsions and festivals from 9 countries from the CSEE region and in this panel, we will have a closer look at the following music markets: Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland.

Is it still the Wild East of Europe or are these countries hidden pearls of the continent? What are the key entry points and what should an artist know when approaching these markets?

Come and find out more about these music markets, learn about the festivals leading the development of the regional music industry and meet the key people of the region. The panel will be followed by a networking session with the panelists over a coffee table in the conference centre lobby.

The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI) is a European initiative aiming to support Artists and Music Professionals from Central and South Eastern Europe (CSEE). Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, our vision is to trademark Central and South Eastern European Music Creativity.


Georges Perot, Founder & Managing Director at Meso Events

Iulia Pop, Co-Founder of Overground Music

Peter Baroš, Secretary General of SIGIC & Music Slovenia

Andraž Kajzer, Artistic Director of MENT Ljubljana 

Márton Náray, Head of office of SoundCzech

Wioletta Brzęcka, Music Specialist at Krakow Festival Office

Moderator: Jaanika Lillemaa, Head of International Projects at Music Estonia

HEMI Music Awards 2022 finalists announced!

We are thrilled to announce the 9 finalists for the HEMI Music Awards (HMA) 2022!

Coming from 9 countries of Central & Southeastern Europe (Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia), these 9 HMA 2022 artists will now have access to mentoring and training activities targeted towards developing their skills and competencies in communication and revenue streams, with the aim to help propel their international career!

Moreover, they will get access to HMA touring programme including collaborations with booking managers around Europe, networking activities in the 9 HEMI partner events as well as a total prize of 2,000 Euros per nominee!

We are proud to introduce 9 exceptional European artists from a wide musical range such as the dreamy tunes and the energetic performance of Aiko from the Czech Republic, the neo-psychedelic sounds and old-school melodies of the Greek rockers Whereswilder, the open-road anthems of the Estonians Holy Motors, the ancient shamanic voice blended with smooth electronica of the Hungarians Deva, the electronic style of Slovenians Pantaloons mixed with a hint of jazz, funk, breakbeat, dubstep, the indie style of the Polish Alfah Femmes who take their sound from art-pop to synth pop, the unique fusion jazz sound of the Macedonians Zulu 3.4, the wild mix of raspy synthesizers, angular guitar riffs, and lively percussion of the Romanians Zimbru and the unorthodox pop of the Serbians KOIKOI.

Discover all the beautiful and diverse sounds from our HEMIsphere here!

Watch HEMI Incubator panel-discussion!

Tune in on our panel-discussion and find out all the inside info for HEMI Incubator, a new program that aims to offer tools, guidance and the network to high potential startups/SMEs and entrepreneurs who have a business idea / project related to the Music Industry.
Panel speakers:
➤ Jaanika Lillemaa (HEMI Partner / Head of international projects at Music Estonia)
➤ Dorina Stamou (Research & Innovation Programmes Strategist at
➤ Liis Linn (Communications Manager at Startup Wise Guys)
Dino Lupelli (General Manager at Music Innovation Hub)
ΗΕΜΙ Incubator Associate Partners:
Found.Ation (GR), Impala – Independent Music Companies Association (EU), Music Tech Europe (EU), Music Innovation Hub (IT), Startup Wise Guys (EE)

HEMI Incubator is on!

For some time now HEMI is working behind the scenes to present to you the first #musicbusiness incubation & acceleration program in Central & Southeastern Europe. We could never imagine in our last innovation meeting the dark times we are experiencing these days. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and with our fellows who oppose the war, trying to find ways to support them from our own position.

Music has the power to unite!

HEMI Incubator offers the tools, guidance, expertise and the network to enhance music business professionals and entrepreneurs, in Central & Southeastern Europe (CSEE), develop their products, services and ideas. You will gain a deeper understanding of the ever-changing international music sector, the opportunity to connect with key industry players as well as support grants for 6 projects/companies!

HEMI Incubator is a new hybrid training scheme that is divided in 2 streams: 

  1. The 3-month Acceleration Programme addressed to 20 entrepreneurs who have a business idea / project and need support to transform it into tangible products or services related to the Music Industry.
  2. The 6-month Incubation Programme addressed to 10 high potential startups/SMEs that offer sustainable solutions to the music sector and need to foster their growth. 

Meet HEMI Incubator top industry experts & mentors here!

 Find out more & apply here!

🔵 ΗΕΜΙ Incubator Associate Partners:
Found.Ation (GR), IMPALA Independent Music Companies Association (EU), Music Tech Europe (EU), Music Innovation Hub (IT), Startup Wise Guys (EE)

🔵 HEMI partners:
Technopolis City of Athens | SoundCzech | Music Estonia | Tallinn Music Week | Athens Music Week | Majdnem Híres Rocksuli – Almost Famous Music Business School | Password Production | Taksirat Festival | KBF | Wianki w Krakowie | Tak Brzmi Miasto | Mastering the Music Business | Exit Festival | Sigic | MENT Ljubljana | Budapest Showcase Hub

Kickoff meeting with the 27 nominees of the HMA 2022! (Video)

HEMI partners met online with the 27 artists nominees of the first phase of the HEMI MUSIC AWARDS.  We were all very excited and it is always a pleasure to discover all these passionate, creative and skilled artists from Central & Southeastern Europe!

Artists and representatives met for the first time with the people behind HEMI, they got informed about the HEMI Awards events and got tips about HEMI markets. 

All HMA nominees will get access to online trainings covering major topic related to music business. The objective is to help them identify skills and competencies they need towards the development of their international career.

We look forward to meeting them again in our next sessions!

For more information the 27 nominated artists and bands from Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, you can also visit: HMA 27 Nominees

Watch the kick-off meeting:

Nominees Announced for HEMI Music Awards 2022!

HEMI is thrilled to reveal the 27 nominees of the second HEMI Music Awards edition!

From a total of 325 exceptional European artists, representing a broad musical spectrum, 27 of them were selected from an international jury of experts to join our HEMIsphere!

The 27 artists and bands coming from 9 countries of Central & Southeastern Europe (Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia) will be participating in the initial phase of HMA 2022 earning activities that will help them evaluate their capacity to access new markets!

Participants will get access to online meetings, presentations and webinars to enhance their knowledge about Live Music Sector challenges, will earn accreditations to attend leading European showcase festivals and conferences as well as get international media coverage.

However, only nine (9) of them (1 per country) will pass to the second phase of HMA, earning personalized support, advanced training and networking until the third and last phase of the awards where the winner will get international exposure by participating in a major European Music Festival earning promo support and opportunities to boost their career up to the next level!

The HEMI Music Awards activities combine theory, practice and most of all, provide a life-time experience!

Discover the HMA 2022 Nominees:


Czech Republic






Holy Motors

The Boondocks

Vera Vice




Danai Nielsen




Flanger Kids




North Macedonia

Dina Jashari 


Zulu 3.4 



Alfah Femmes





Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut

Baba Dochia





Sana Garić








HEMI @ ESNS 2022 – FRI 21 Jan | Conference Channel 4 | 13:30 – 14:30

Panel-Discussion: From the Baltic to the Balkans – United Toward a Balanced and Competitive European Music Sector.

Various differences must be taken into account when adopting development strategies from matured music markets to the music region of Eastern Europe. 

To start from a demographic point of view, the audience is significantly smaller and younger, has a lower income and is less adapted to new technologies. On the other hand, local labels and publishers do not see many business opportunities to invest in local music. Music scenes consist of freelancers and micro-enterprises that remain self-managed and try to survive with various economic activities, which are oftentimes not related to music services, and the lack of structures makes it difficult to measure the statistics of the music sector’s impact with the help of which it could play a more significant role in the eyes of policy-makers. 

As an answer to the challenge to establish a sustainable, diverse and competitive European music sector as a whole and also to answer the challenges and opportunities for the development of the regional music markets, HEMI – The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation has emerged with a clear purpose: to benchmark Central, Eastern and Southeastern European music professionals through innovative transversal and holistic approaches.


PETER BAROS |Slovenian Music Information Centre

AVE TÖLPT | Music Estonia

MÁRTON NÁRAY | Arts Theatre Institute – SoundCzech



CHRIS ECKMAN Glitterbeat Records


Find out more: 


HEMI Music Awards 2022 – Open Call for Artists! Applications deadline: 23 January 2022

Are you a solo artist or a band? Feelin’ export-ready? Apply now at HEMI Music Awards (HMA) and get the chance to break through the borders!

Be one of the 27 artists who will be selected from Central & South-eastern Europe for the first phase of the HEMI Music Awards and earn training sessions and networking activities in order to discover new music markets!

Nine (9) of you will pass to the second phase of HMA where you will have the opportunity for personalized support by international music industry experts, together with promo support and live touring among 10 leading music conferences and festivals such as:


And the HMA 2022 winner will be…

The one who will be selected according to the evaluation activities and number of bookings achieved in the second phase of HEMI Music Awards.

And the HMA 2022 prize is…

5.000 euros to cover content and promotional costs as well as all expenses for a super gig in major European Music Festival!

The selection in all three phases will be done by an international Jury of 27 members, which include festival organizers, promoters, export-office managers, venue managers, and music journalists, while all applicants will benefit from the publicity by 18 media partners from the 9 HEMI countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia) of the Central and South-eastern Europe (CSEE).

Applicants must be solo artists or bands over 18 years old, living in one of the HEMI countries. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday the 23th of January 2021 at 23.59 CET. Competition is open to any music genre and admission is free.

All it takes is to fill in the application form here!