HEMI team is joining MENT Ljubljana 2023!

MENT Ljubljana is one of the leading showcase festivals and music conferences in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest event of its kind in the region. It is an award-winning festival of music discoveries, facilitating, in symbiosis with the conference, the presentation of music performers from all over Europe in front of international music professionals and audiences.

As part of the rich, festival program, SIGIC and HEMI join forces once again and present an interesting panel about “fostering entrepreneurship among music professionals in Central and South Eastern Europe”.
Join the festival and catch the panel for more insights in the topic!

HEMI Music Awards 2023 finalists announced!

We are thrilled to announce the 9 exceptional artists coming from 9 countries of Central & Southeastern Europe!

Coming from 9 countries of Central & Southeastern Europe (Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia), these 9 HMA 2023 artists will now have access to mentoring and training activities targeted towards developing their skills and competencies in communication and revenue streams, with the aim to help propel their international career!

The finalists of HEMI Music Awards 2023, will have the opportunity to embark on a sonic adventure across Europe & get access to HMA2023 touring programme, collaborating with top booking managers and networking with fellow musicians from the 9 HEMI countries. Plus, they will be treated to a series of partner events that will elevate their career to the next level, while having the chance to win a total prize value of 2,000 Euros per nominee.

Meet the finalists:
5.Dina Jashari/MK
7.K not K/RO
9.The Crossroads/Sl

Discover all the beautiful and diverse sounds from our HEMIsphere here!

HEMI Incubator Open Call 2023 is on!

Do you have a great idea for a music business or project in the early stages? Are you in search of international contacts, mentoring or business opportunities?

Applications deadline: 22nd of March at 24:00 CET


The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI) is proud to announce the second edition of HEMI Incubator, the first music business incubation & acceleration programme in the region!

HEMI Incubator is a business development programme addressed to music entrepreneurs and companies from 9 countries in Central and SouthEastern Europe: Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.  

HEMI Incubator provides a framework with hybrid and scalable training schemes with the aim of bringing measurable results to music professionals and already established companies (entrepreneurs / SMEs / startups within the music sector). 

The training programme is divided in two streams: 

1 > The 5 month Acceleration Programme, running from April to September 2023, addressed to music professionals who have a business idea, want to create a new service, product or company related to the music industry and need support to turn it into a tangible product or service.

2 > The 6 month Incubation Programme, running from April to October 2023, addressed to music entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to develop their existing products/ services and expand their businesses to new markets.

HEMI Incubator is developed by the HEMI initiative member organisations in collaboration with top industry experts and mentors and in partnership with some of the most active and results oriented music and tech organizations / associations in Europe such as the Found.Ation (GR), IMPALA (EU), Lift99 (EE),  Music Innovation Hub (IT) and Music Tech Europe (EU).

The selected projects, start-ups and SMEs, will receive one-on-one mentoring, workshops on specialized business topics & soft skills, accreditations to HEMI partners’ music conferences and showcase festivals. They will also participate in networking events, pitching and matchmaking sessions with key industry players. Last but not least, 6 projects/companies will receive grant support to further develop their project (after successful completion of the programme).

Who can apply?

  • Music business professionals, self-employed or small and medium-sized  companies (e.g. management / booking / comms / marketing agencies / licensing / publishing / copyright companies / live / recording / production sector, etc.) 
  • Business professionals who offer a sustainable solution to the music sector (e.g. SaaS, blockchain, AR, AI, ticketing, entertainment attorney/accountant, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurs who are about to create a new service, product or company related to the music sector 
  • Companies that are registered in one of the 9 HEMI countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia) 
  • Citizens of the 9 HEMI countries living anywhere in the European Union, UK and the EFTA countries.

Shape the future of the Music Industry!

Find more about the programme and apply here: HEMI Incubator 2023


HMA 2023 kickoff meeting with the 27 nominees!

For the 3rd consecutive year, the 10 European partners of the HEMI initiative met online with the 27 artists nominees of the first phase of the HEMI MUSIC AWARDS, this time all partners joined the meeting while in Athens for their annual physical meeting.

It is, as every year, a huge pleasure to discover all these emerging, super creative and talented artists from Central & Southeastern Europe.

Artists and representatives got informed about the HEMI Music Awards (HMA) timeline, the events and training activities. All HMA nominees will get access to online training covering major topics related to music business whilst enhancing skills and competencies they need towards the development of their international career.

For more information on the 27 nominated artists and bands from Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, you can also visit: HMA 27 Nominees.


Nominees Announced for HEMI Music Awards 2023!

HEMI is thrilled to reveal the 27 nominees of the third HEMI Music Awards edition. 

From a total of 280 exceptional European artists, representing a broad musical spectrum, 27 of them were selected from an international jury of experts to join our HEMIsphere! 

The 27 artists and bands coming from 9 countries of Central & Southeastern Europe (Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia) will be participating in the initial phase of HMA 2023 earning activities that will help them evolve their capacity to access new markets.

Participants will get access to online meetings and lectures to enhance their knowledge about Live Music Sector challenges, will earn accreditations to attend leading European showcase festivals and conferences as well as get international media coverage.

However, only nine (9) of them (1 per country) will pass to the second phase of HMA, earning personalized support, advanced training activities and the opportunity to network and perform live at selected HEMI Partners events until the third and last phase of the awards where the winner will get international exposure as well as all costs to travel, participate and perform live at a major European Music Festival earning promo support and opportunities to boost their career up to the next level! 

The HEMI Music Awards activities combine theory, practice and above all, provide a life-time experience!

Discover the HMA 2023 Nominees

Czech Republic
The Silver Spoons
TooT Ensemble

Minimal Wind


Stone Sober

North Macedonia
Dina Jashari
Yon Idy

Francis Tuan
Fryderyk HD

Catalina Cara
K not K


Birds of Unknown
Dora Tomori
The Crossroads

ΗΕΜΙ Incubator Grant 2022 winners revealed!

We are thrilled to announce the 6 selected projects  & ideas for the HEMI Incubator grant support 2022.

After 6 productive months of training and networking, our grants committee has voted the 3 projects of the acceleration programme & and the 3 projects of the incubation programme with the highest potential of development within the music industry.

The winning projects enjoyed access to one-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions from top European music industry professionals, as well as online and offline workshops and optimised their ideas with new knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.

18 HEMI Incubator experts and mentors supported the beneficiaries in the development of their innovative ideas, services and products.

The 6 winning ideas  and projects of HEMI Incubator cover a great variety of topics faced within the music sector, providing innovative solutions to foster social change, diversity, sustainability and creativity in an evolving industry where art, science, and business converge.

Meet the 6 winners and find out more about their groundbreaking projects and ideas!

3 winners of the HEMI Acceleration stream:

Representative: Christopher Hocking

Representative: Merylin Poks

Μood: Music of our desire
Representative: Dimitris Komninos

3 winners of the HEMI  Incubation stream:

Fairmus Technologies
Representative: Reigo Ahven

Come Together 
Representative: Stathis Mitskas

Tier Music Publishing
Representative: Thea Zaitsev

Meet the winners here

Open Call for Artists 2023

Are you a solo artist or a band? Feelin’ export-ready? Apply now at HEMI Music Awards (HMA) and get the chance to break through in Europe and beyond!

The annual awards are designed to accelerate the international careers of upcoming European acts through a training program, networking events and live touring in leading showcase festivals around Europe.

27 artists and bands from 9 European countries from Central and Southeastern Europe (Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia) will be selected for the 1st phase of HMA 2023, while 9 finalists will pass to the 2nd phase of the Awards getting the opportunity for personalized support by international music industry experts, together with promo support and live touring among 10 leading festival and Showcase Conferences of the region:


The winner will be selected according to the evaluation activities and number of bookings achieved in the second phase of HMA and on top of training programme and networking activities will be honored with a total prize value of € 5,000 to cover content and promotional costs as well as all expenses for a gig in a major European Music Festival!

All nominees at each phase as well as the award winner are selected by an independent international Jury of 27 members including Industry experts, festival organisers, promoters, export offices, venue managers and music journalists from the 9 countries participating in the Awards.

Applicants must be solo artists or bands over 18 years old, living in one of the HEMI countries. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday the 8th of January 2023 at 23.59 CET. Competition is open to any music genre and admission is free. 

Learn more about the process here

All it takes is to fill in the application form here

HEMI Music Awards 2022 winners announced at PIN Music Conference!

The HEMI Music Awards (HMA) 2022 have reached the finish line and the art-rockers from Romania, Zimbru, are the big winners!

The announcement of the HMA 2022 winner took place at PIN Music Conference on 25 November at HEMI Dinner in MKC (Youth Cultural Center) where Zimbru received the “cup” and were the first act to open the Showcase evening at the Dancing Hall ’25 May’ in MKC .

Zimbru is an indie / art-rock band from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Their sound can be described as a wild mix of raspy synthesizers, angular guitar riffs, and lively percussion all topped off by stories of dancing, lost pets, real love, and nostalgia for never experienced past decades.   

After a fruitful year of collaboration through 32 mentoring sessions, networking events, 9 online workshops, and live performances at 9 leading European Conferences, Showcase and Festivals such as MENT, Tallinn Music Week, Athens Music Week, EXIT, Mastering The Music Business, Reconnect, Budapest Showcase Hub, Tak Brzmi Miasto and PIN Music Conference, Zimbru are getting ready to perform at the Eurosonic Festival (ESNS) on January 2023! 

On top of that they are also honored with a total prize value of € 5,000. The nature of the HMA Prize affirms a shared commitment to helping emerging artists to break through in Europe and beyond.

The annual awards are designed to accelerate the international careers of upcoming European acts through a training program, networking events and live touring in leading showcase festivals around Europe.

Each year, 27 outstanding nominated artists from 9 European countries from Central and Southeastern Europe (Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia) are eligible for HEMI Music Awards. All nominees in each phase as well as the award winner are selected by an independent international Jury of 27 members including Industry experts, festival organisers, promoters, export offices, venue managers and music journalists from the 9 countries participating in the Awards.

But HMA is not only for the winner. All nominees are offered the opportunity to attend training sessions to develop their skills as well as networking events to be prepared for an international career, while the 9 HMA finalists are on top of that offered access to HMA touring programme, a total prize value of € 2,000 per nominee. 

Moreover,  by getting nominated in HEMI Music Awards, artists increase their visibility and boost their bookings such as AΙΚΟ (CZ), Danai Nielsen (GR), KOIKOI (RS), Pantaloons (SI) and Vera Vice (EE) who are among HMA artists to perform at ESNS 2023!

Stay tuned! HMA 2023 Open Call is just around the corner!

HEMI partners & artists gear up for new happenings at PIN Music Conference in Skopje!

HEMI partners  & artists will check in at this year’s PIN Music Conference & Showcase!

The programme for PIN 2022 is now announced with a rich agenda, including a series of HEMI activities and sessions.

Among 30 music performers from all around Europe, 6 HMA artists, some of whom have been nominated in Hemi Music Awards 2022 and 2021: AIKO (CZ),  Deva (HU)KOIKOI (RS)Pantaloons (SI)Puuluup (EE), Zimbru (RO),  Lufthansa (MK), LeLee (SL)
Zulu 3.4 will also be part of PIN at the Listening Session on 26.11 at MKC and Damjan Danevski from the group will be part of the panel Creativity vs. Bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, among 200 delegates, a number of HEMI delegates will be joining the discussions, share experiences and deepen the knowledge for current, innovative and influential subjects in the music industry, namely Tomek Bysiewicz (Tak Brzm Miasto), Georges Perot (Athens Music Week), Michal Wojcik (Tak Brzm Miasto), Wioletta Brzecka (KBF) and Primoz Kristian (Sigic).

Georges Perot & Michal Wojcik will join the panels on  Creativity Vs Bureaucracy and The Modern Family .

During this packed programme, the HMA 2022 winner will be announced and open the showcase of the evening on 25th of November.


About PIN Music Conference & Showcase

The Macedonian PIN Music Conference & Showcase has been adorned with a meaningful prize in England, awarded by the leading European festival for new music “The Great Escape”. With this huge recognition, we are honored to announce that PIN conference is the current winner in the category for “Best New Event” at the Yearly Music Convention Awards (YMCA) which were presented at the famous “Great Escape” in Brighton. “PIN is a very well-organized event with a good quality of acts in a great venue in a really nice city. The strong regional/international component at PIN is also a major plus”, stated on this occasion Martin Elbourne, the creative director and co-founder of “The Great Escape”, who had been one of the delegates at previous editions of the conference.

Given this title, the new edition of PIN becomes a celebratory edition and will be held from the 24th until the 26th of November at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje. 

PIN is the first and still the only international music conference in Macedonia which began to write its story in 2012 and, as a regular part of the TAKSIRAT festival programme, grew into the most significant event on the Balkan region of its kind and now it’s officially recognized by the leading stakeholders of the European music industry. The concept of this event includes an exceptionally rich three-day programme that’s divided in daily panel-programmes (conferences) and evening music programmes (showcase). With this kind of concept, in one place PIN unites all the stakeholders, professionals and music/music industry lovers, experts, artists, performers, journalists, cultural actors, promoters, managers, agents…

Find out more: https://pinconference.mk

Music Professionals, experts and startups from HEMI Incubator join Linecheck festival 2022.

Linecheck – Music Meeting and Festival is back in it’s 8th edition. The landmark event for all the people involved in the music and cultural creative industries, happens 22-26 November in its Milan headquarter BASE, cultural and creative centre in the heart of Milan’s Tortona area.

This year, the music-tech and startup area Linecheck X will be redesigned to welcome young and promising start ups to be presented to all delegates, among them, you will spot HEMI music  projects & mentors participating in matchmaking sessions,  one-to-one meetings with record labels, booking agents, live promoters, publishers and other professionals working in the sector.

More specifically, at this year’s Linecheck you will spot HEMI acceleratees & incubatees  like BaBash GateMeCometogetherPLX VRSpoudaia Events, Stageball, Tier Music PublishingFairmus TechnologiesBETAFESTIndiyArt-Synergy, Mood: Music of our desireStage Rider & Suburbia  together with more 15 HEMI experts

About Linecheck

Acting as a catalyst for change in the music ecosystem, at its eighth edition, the Milan based event has grown to become one of Europe’s best new music economy conferences. The music meeting and festival is a celebration of talent, creativity and new ideas. Offering three packed days, with a program that showcases international diversity across over 60 events, including panels, workshops the day, with over 250 industry speakers and with a genre-blurring mix of over 30 artists from different countries showcasing throughout the night. Linecheck is the ultimate meeting place between professionals and enthusiasts of not just the music sector, but an incubator for dialogues between music, creative, technology and cultural industries, bridging the gaps between Italy, other European countries, the UK and the rest of the world.

The main theme of this eighth edition of the music conference will be #INEXILE, chosen to explore territorial absence, the detachment from metropolitan or local spaces, but also the inability to exercise freedom of movement towards new homelands. For music artists and the overall music ecosystem, exploration is a necessity. Physical spaces are important because they are important sites of cultural production. One doesn’t need to be physically removed from the homeland in order to be exiled. Exile can take place in different cultural spaces, especially through processes like colonisation and modernization.

#INEXILE will resonate across the music meetings, and Linecheck’s conference main topics: the main theme Beyond Boundaries will explore territorial borders and Europeanisation, as well as cross-sectoriality, proposing innovation as a way to overcome territorial, mental and technological boundaries. Creators’ Rights will focus on creators’ rights in all its forms, from Sync in advertising, film and tv, metaverse and web3 to creators’ economies, brand activations, metadata done right and the rise of online radio and podcasts. Shared Experiences will explore sustainable events and Green Deal, innovative ways of festivals and tour promotion, NFT and Blockchain in the events industry, Music Cities. Back will also be Linecheck’s Matchmaking Sessions, which will connect international delegates to Italian industry experts covering different sectors of the industry through sessions such as Meet The Managers, Meet Label, Distribution & PR and Meet Promoters, Clubs and Festivals.

Linecheck is produced by Music Innovation Hub, the first social enterprise in Italy dedicated to music,
and is being co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture as a platform for generational renewal of
the Italian music industry.