AuralHorizon Innovations (SI)

AuralHorizon Innovations aims to upscale the application of immersive audio technologies beyond academic research, targeting broader professional fields including music, gaming, VR, and cultural venues across Europe. Led by Mauricio Valdés at Zavod Suigeneris and supported by Kuber at HEKA Arts&Science Lab, our mission is to empower the use of 3D sound to enhance human spatial hearing experiences around art made with sound and in everyday spaces.

Since 2021, we’ve grown our network, including partnerships with Tangible Music Lab, Sony SCL, Stuttgart SuperComputer Center, in4art, and La Fura del Baus, to pioneer:

  • Standardized formats for immersive audio broadcasting between venues.
  • Affordable immersive audio systems adaptable to any budget and space.
  • Intuitive interactive tools for 3D sound mixing and gestural expression.
  • Educational initiatives to bridge the knowledge gap in immersive audio use.

Our goal is to democratize immersive audio, making it accessible for all creators and innovators, from independent musicians to large venues, thereby opening a new dimension of sound reproduction and recording.

Representative: Mauricio Valdés San Emeterio