ComeTogether introduces a new form of digital ticket as an NFT with an innovative ticket delivery through a dynamic QR code changes every 30 seconds. This leads to fraud and scalping prevention, unlocking of new secondary market revenue for organizers and better audience insights.

Performing artists and live event organizers, are looking for ways to increase fan engagement, reward loyal fans and to monetize their fan base. NFTs provide solutions to these challenges. Our NFT collectibles can be provided with ticketing or stand-alone. There are two categories: NFTs linked to events, such as tickets as collectibles with digital art, highlights from the event, fan generated content.

Fan club NFTs with exclusive content plus utility. Utility engages fans through exclusive rewards that are only available to the owners of these NFTs. These rewards can be combined with fan club NFTs providing a greater motivation for fans to be a part of performing artist or event organizer programs.

Representative: Stathis Mitskas